Google recently announced tweets will appear on mobile devices within Google Search.

When you’re searching on the Google mobile application or on a browser on your phone or tablet, real-time tweets will appear from Twitter directly within search.

Tap the tweet, and you’ll be taken directly to Twitter where you can discover additional content from that user.

Source: Google Blog
Source: Google Blog

So, how does this new feature relate to your small business?

Check out our newest video below to learn more about the latest Google update.

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Keep track of industry conversations

Curious about a local event like Restaurant Week — like which restaurants are participating and what people are sharing? A normal mobile search will now show content from Twitter that could include tweets from @BostonInsider or @TasteNation. At the same time, by participating in those trending conversations, browsers on Google search will have the opportunity to find you based on your Twitter activity about relevant topics.

Find new customers and stay relevant

Google’s search integration with Twitter is also a great way to find out who is talking about a specific topic that may relate to what you do. During Small Business week earlier this month, you may have found local businesses talking about their planned events or special offers (a great way to stay ahead of the competitive curve or find collaboration opportunities).

Understand international and long distance customers

If you have international or cross-country customers, it’s also useful to know what’s happening in their world in real-time. This also applies to breaking news, natural disasters, or widespread emergencies that help you, as a business owner, be more mindful of what may be happening in other parts of the world that take precedence to your agenda. It helps to be extra considerate of any affected customers during that time.

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