Get the Best Apps for Your Business

Have you ever wondered how people ran their businesses before they had modern conveniences like cell phones, laptops and the Internet? As smartphones and apps continue to advance in the technological landscape, it’s even easier to manage your business remotely. Here are five must-have apps for any business owner:


This intuitive app gives you the info you need now, right now. Whether you’re heading to the airport and need to be reminded to print and take your boarding pass or need special documents for a presentation, Osito saves you the hassle of using multiple apps to be reminded of your flight and get to your online files. It’s location based, so as you provide information about your daily routine, it will prompt you to do the next thing. As you head out for work, it will let you know that there’s been an accident on your usual route and suggest an alternative.


With the updated LinkedIn mobile app you can update your profile, send invites, follow those in your network and read the latest news in your industry all on your smartphone. When you network with people at conferences, you can search for their name and add them to your connections.


From American Express, ReceiptMatch helps you to stay organized and manage your finances from anywhere, at anytime, by automatically filing your business-related receipts. No more boxes of receipts to file through or wondering what that purchase for $29.99 at the office supply store was for. When your employees are on the road, you can take a picture of your receipt, add in relevant notes, and the receipt will be filed for tax purposes and your financial records.


With Evernote you can create new photo, voice or text notes in seconds. Tag entries with relevant keywords and you’ll be able to find them easily. Best of all, Evernote is available on all operating systems. Sync your mobile notes with notes recorded on your desktop Evernote app and then the new note will appear on all of your other machines.


Users of Dropbox can access their files from anywhere they have an Internet connection. If you need access to a document while offline, you can save it to your favorites for easy viewing. Mobile versions of this app work the same as the desktop app. So, whether you’re on your tablet, smartphone, laptop or desktop you can still upload videos and photos and share them with business partners, clients and employees.

These apps make it super easy to manage your business while across the country at a conference or keeping tabs on everything while on vacation. It takes just minutes to install and set up, so don’t procrastinate – add these to your phone today.

In addition to these, what other apps would you recommend?