Gone are the days when geography or broadcasting troubles could create a barrier between you and your favorite sport. Welcome to the days when, if you are not physically able to attend the game, you can still find scores, see photos, and watch instant replays. Thanks to the newest Sony Open Tennis app, launched by SAP, tennis fans can get closer to the game, without actually being closer to the game.

The Sony Open Tennis app is available for iPhone and Android users as a free download. Once downloaded, a user can open the app and start exploring – maybe by entering the contest for a chance to win a trip to the finals in Miami and receive star treatment along the way.

 Sony Open Tennis App From SAP

After entering the contest through a few taps, there are plenty of other functions that can make the fan experience better than expected, or make it come to life, even if you aren’t as close to the action as you’d like to be.

Here are a few highlights:

The Fan Zone. When you open the fan zone, there is plenty to do, including checking out official and un-official (aggregated using Instagram and the #sonyopen hashtag) photos, answering the polls of the day, watching videos, and/or purchasing tickets. The professional and fan-contributed photos show a great stream of action that paints a visual story of what’s happening. The polls ask fun, interactive questions (such as “who will serve the fastest serve?” and, “who will make the most noise on the court?”) and show the tally of audience opinions.

3D Replay. The Hawk-Eye virtual replay shows a virtual representation play-by-play of the current matches in real-time – convenient for those Aussie tennis fans who have trouble catching live broadcasts, but want to see what’s happening during their wee hours. The replay also shows data such as the serve direction, which can help fans understand exactly how a player is hitting.

News. The news function pulls in the most relevant news stories about the tournament and players. Browse the headlines and automatically become a little more knowledgeable about how players are performing and what they have to say about the weather, energy, and what they are doing off the court.

In addition, the app features a full schedule, player stats, the draw schedule, and detailed venue information. Learn more from this Behind the Scenes video.

Through the interactive fan center, virtual matches, and updated news, this app really does get you closer to the game, no matter how far away you really may be!