Companies around the world are embracing technology that allows employees to do their jobs at any time, anywhere, building a future where productivity is not necessarily associated with clocking in – and vice versa.

More and more workers are working outside the traditional office. Even among workers who do not consider themselves to be road warriors, market research firm Gartner estimates that today, 45% of workers in the United States are out of the traditional office for a minimum of eight hours per week.

According to International Data Corporation (IDC), by 2015, the world’s mobile worker population will reach 1.3 billion, representing 37.2% of the total workforce.


There are several benefits to this shift in mobility workplace as shown in the Infographic by Cisco. This Infographic is interactive. To see it in action click here.

  1. Reduced road travel by 91 billions miles per year
  2. Prevention of traffic injuries and deaths by 77,000
  3. Reduced greenhouse gases by 51 million tons per year
  4. Saved 281 million barrels of oil per year
  5. Gained almost 2 weeks of extra free time per year

So, we all agree that Mobility Workplace is the future. But, this poses a bigger problem of accountability. There is a need of a solution that contains a good accountability report for the centralized office as well as a smartphone with a powerful app in the hands of remote worker to effectively communicate with the centralized office.

CBS Infosys, a Silicon Valley based Company is attempting to provide a holistic solution to this problem of Field Service Management for the Enterprise.

The solution is two fold. The first part consists of an Android based Mobile App called My Sales Dialer. It provides Mobile CRM, Mobile Auto Dialer as well as Cloudbase management and tracking of remote workforce.

With the help of this tool, one can manage their remote workforce effectively, can allocate leads, tasks, measure productivity, empower workers with powerful auto dialer as well as geotrack the worker.

The second part of the solution is to build and design custom smart CRM connectors, which can connect to various apps and mobility services, making one’s existing Enterprise CRM smarter, useful and more efficient.