If you haven’t heard of Slack and you work in part of a team, it could be worth downloading this communication tool. It’s become a one-stop platform for thousands of companies who are now making use of the handy sharing features. Quickly create conversations or groups, drag and drop a huge array of file formats and have some fun on this corporate equivalent to WhatsApp.

‘Team communication for the 21st century’ is Slack’s tag line and it couldn’t be more fitting. As with many modern technologies, there is heaps of added apps and integrations which can be found at the Slack App Directory. Here’s a selection of the best and funniest for those who want to lighten the mood while improving productivity.


An image speaks a thousand words which is exactly why GIF’s have become so popular. They add humour to any conversation and share emotion far easily than words ever could. By using Giphy, you can easily search a mega library of GIF’s by typing in the slash command /giphy followed by anything from ‘pizza’ to ‘huge work load’ to ‘let’s take a break’. It’s a great way to make a conversation more engaging and less of a chore for colleagues to read.

Simple Poll

One of the handiest features of Slack is the ability to easily poll against a huge selection of staff. After downloading this app, you’ll can simply type /poll followed by “Insert poll question?” “Insert option 1” “Insert option 2” and so on. This will be automatically created and sent to your desired team members. It’s a great way to get the general consensus on major strategic decisions, but can also be used to decide where to eat lunch, or who should win employee of the month.


This curation app brings you the best entertainment news and stories from around the web. It’s all possible with a huge algorithm process which aggregates millions of links, tweets and RSS feeds, after which a team of editors cherry pick the best content. For those wanting a quick rest bite from that looming pile of work, you can easily find a funny article to lift your spirits.


Being a team player requires humility, patience and kindness. Humblebot is the handy app which reminds you of these qualities. After you install the app, you’ll be sent a message every morning to your Slack dashboard. It may be a simple tip to remind you to be more mindful, or it could be a task such as ‘Send a colleague a thank you note’ or ‘ask someone for their advice on a current work commitment’. In other words, Humblebot is all about sharing the love and encouraging a better working environment.


As the Pomodoro technique proves, many of us work at optimum productivity by working in short busts followed by short breaks. Tomatobot follows the key principles of this proven technique, ensuring you never work for long, drawn out periods. By adding the command /startwork, you’ll be sent alerts when it’s time for a break. After completing the task, you can simply enter the command /completed. Sync up with your favourite work colleague and you can share breaks together.