freshdeskThere are solutions in our ecosystem that we need to write about on a regular basis. Freshdesk is one of them. This is because the solution is rapidly introduced new features. In this post, let us look at some new features and integrations introduced by the solution in recent times.

New Languages

Five new languages, including Chinese, Danish, Japanese, Danish, Polish, and Russian, have been added to the roster of languages supported by Freshdesk. This brings the total number of languages supported by the application to 16. This means that you can now support your increasing base of users in their native language, eliminating superfluous translation costs.

Application Integrations

Freshdesk now integrates with even more applications. Among others mentioned in our previous review, this list now includes fresh integrations such as Salesforce, Sugar CRM, Dropbox, Olark, Batchbook, JIRA, Google Contacts and Google Analytics. This means that you can provide seamless support from multiple applications to your customers. Also, integrations enable you to retrieve vital details related to your customer such as address, phone number (from Google contacts) to provide customized service. Freshdesk also launched Freshplugs for companies to create custom integrations by importing data from 3rd party tools and legacy applications.

Mobile Integration

Freshdesk has a help-desk plugin for its mobile app MobiHelp. In other words, you can support your customers on-the-go and provide customized service across multiple timezones and, more importantly, locations.

Enabling Startups and Freelancers

If you are a startup or a freelancer, Freshdesk would like to invest in you. Not literally, of course (considering that the company is a startup itself). The company has a custom plan for startups and freelancers with under a million dollars in revenues and funding: they get three free full-time agents for a year, on the estate plan for their accounts.

Customizing themes

Freshdesk FreshThemes enables companies to offer a seamless experience from across their company and helpdesk page. This enables companies to offer ready-to-use themese that can for a more attractive and pleasing look. You can also customize themes by manipulating Javascript and CSS code.

Agent Collision

Two agents can collide on a ticket and giving the customer two answers. Hopefully both got it right, but it still doesn’t look good for the support team. Freshdesk has added an agent collision capability to their product.If another agent opens up a ticket you are working on, there’s a big blinker right by the side of your open ticket. Somebody already typing out their answer? There’s a pen lighting up to alert you. And if you’ve been hanging around a ticket long enough that there’s an update (just about any update), the refresh icon lights up. Click on it, and get the latest info on the ticket locked and loaded. The agent collision detection (and warning, and refresh) feature is actually pretty slick.

Ticket watchers

This is one of the more interesting new features. It enables you to watch out for specific tickets that you are interested in. For example, this might be a ticket that was assigned to you earlier and has a direct bearing on other functionality you support. You can configure the system to receive email notifications related to the ticket. This helps you sales teams prepare valuable metrics during their next call with a corporate or individual client.

Gamification of your Helpdesk

This is, perhaps, my favorite feature update. It enables you to gamify your helpdesk. Essentially, it creates teams out of your support personnel and rewards them for good work. For example, teams that solve customer problems faster than other teams are rewarded from within the corporate structure. I thought this was an excellent approach to support as it incentivizes employees to perform better.


In case you missed it, Freshdesk also has a new logo. According to their blog, the new logo captures the “essence of freshness.” In this case, the dewdrop signifies the freshness. Check it out, if and when you have time.

Combined with Freshdesk’s existing functionality roster, these changes make an excellent solution even better. I recommend you check out these changes and give them a try!

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