Although iOS 5 is known to already comprise a wide range of unique and exciting features, it’s about time that Apple has offered an array of fresh exciting functions for its users. That’s what the company has, actually, done, in the brand-new iOS 6.

What it is all about


To start with, the new iOS 6 features Apple-powered maps, which appear to be likewise, or even more advantageous, than the current version of well-known Google Maps, as there are already included a so-called 3D “Flyover” viewing mode and the crowdsourced traffic information, for instance.

Despite the fact, that Google has also claimed the upcoming upgrades in the mapping application, the most peculiar changes will concern Android users (offline mode of Google Maps), thus the owners of an iPhone or iPad will apparently select the native Apple app.

FB Integration

You would be surprised, but there hasn’t been a built-in FB application in the previous versions of iOS. Well, there it is now, allowing you to sync calendar and contact lists, for example. Moreover, the separate API for Facebook iOS 6 has been also opened, so that the developers might access and further use it in their apps, services, etc.

In this respect, there can be also traced a sort of smart move against Google, as the integration of Facebook into iOS 6 will certainly benefit the popularity of both services. What about G+? Obviously, it hasn’t become the next revolutionary social network, and the chances get vaguer and vaguer with time.

Online Purchases

Having, perhaps, realized the potential profitability of the apps in online retail niche, Apple has included its unique app Passbook into iOS 6. As it’s being declared, the application enables to save all movie and concert tickets, coupons, etc. directly on one’s iOS device with an option to access the balance on your loyalty card or receive notifications and alerts, regarding a ticket for a plane, in case there’re some changes in the flight.

The Time for Innovations

Undoubtedly, the introduction of new features and the update of formerly added ones turns out to be the most essential part of maintaining the company’s spotless reputation, and Apple’s example isn’t the only one in the industry in terms of “refresh & improve” tendency. Other large IT companies, like already-mentioned Google, Facebook or 4shared have recently introduced either the new features or the fresh modified versions of their apps as well.

So it’s high time to test them, isn’t it?