images (17)Living the freelance dream takes certain characteristics, key personality traits. Freelance work means sticking to a schedule and being willing to devote painstaking hours researching niches and meeting deadlines. Breaking free of the mass of other potential freelance workers involves discipline and hard work, the ability to manage time and think out of the box, approaching problems with creative insight, solving them with unique solutions.

This methodology applies to freelance writing, to starting as a designer or programmer, even to getting that first app past initial stumbling blocks and published for the public to download and enjoy on their iOS or Android devices.

Stop and Apply Objective Thinking

You have the internet at hand, a computer keyboard ready to poke at like a virtuoso, but where do you begin? What service can you give that isn’t already being provided by a hundred others, and what market do you focus on? If you can answer these questions that’s wonderful, but most novice freelancers only have the vaguest idea of where to begin. Start by sitting with pen and paper and listing all of your abilities. Include qualifications and talents. If you can program, consider turning this ability to web design or development. If you think the market for web design is crowded, pause again and trace where programming resources are popular. Turn from novice programmer into competent developer for the mobile market. Mobile devices have saturated technology and there’s barely a single teenager or adult that doesn’t have at least one smartphone or tablet. Learn the necessary skills to become an app inventor and you can start a very lucrative freelance business. Sometimes all it takes is a single innovative app to make a small fortune.

Become a Web Designer

Keep in mind that web design is a top-heavy profession full of experts able to write HTML code and apply consistent looks to websites with the latest CSS skills. Only expend energy on becoming a designer if you’re sure of your ability. You need to be a ninja in creating and optimizing web graphics with a complex graphics program such as Adobe Photoshop and have an eye for clean site design. Standing out from the crowd also means being knowledgeable in server-side programming and working with databases. The latest web design skills also require an ability in making websites responsive across many devices and browsers.

Working in Freelance and Making a Profit

Breaking from the traditional 9-to-5 workday is all well and good, but every other individual with a computer and internet access also thinks they can get in on the act and make big bucks. Third-world nations have the ability, the dedication, to do the work at a fraction of the cost someone might charge in the Western hemisphere. If you have the qualifications to code a C++ project or convert PSD to HTML for a web project, you can be sure someone else will do the work for pennies. So how do you make money? Quality is key as is promoting that quality. Always offer the best possible service you can and clients will return and be willing to pay more for extras.

Mobile App Creation from Novice to Expert

Learn the thinking processes of your clients. Nobody should get something for nothing but sometimes it makes good marketing sense to work for a low price until you pass from the lowly status of novice into the lofty sphere of expert. Tend to your reputation like it’s a sapling and grow that reputation into a strong oak with branches extending to other websites. Find a niche, hard as that may be in a crowded market. A new niche is a sure money-maker, so it’s worth spending time researching one. Above all, turn your passion into profit and work hard for success.