Wondering how to plan a successful QR code mobile marketing campaign? This short guide helps you “crack the C.O.D.E.” – offering four simple steps to planning a successful campaign:

  1. Create
  2. Optimize
  3. Delight
  4. Educate

Step 1: Create an Irresistible Offer

When a customer sees the call-to-action for your QR code you want them to be in no doubt as what they’ll get and why they should scan your code. Create excitement and pique customers’ curiosity with a call-to-action that’s simple and irresistible. Some examples:

  • “Scan now for an instant discount…”
  • “Scan here for a sneak-peek at our latest video…”
  • “Scan here for an interview with…”

Step 2: Optimize Your Mobile Site

In the fast-paced mobile world there are few things worse than scanning a QR code and waiting forever for the linked site to load and finding that it’s difficult to navigate. Be sure to create an optimized mobile website that loads quickly, looks great and makes it easy for customers to take advantage of your offer. Your mobile website should be:

  • Visually consistent with your call-to-action offer and your branding
  • Simple and specific (don’t try to include too much info)
  • Capture email addresses so that you can build your mailing list

Step 3: Delight Your Customers

When thinking about the offer itself, make sure it has value – ideally giving customers an immediate pay-off. Nothing disappoints quite as much as a QR code that simply points to your main website with no new information or offers to make it worth the time. Aim to create a valuable, worthwhile experience that customers will respond to and want to tell their friends about. A few ideas:

  • An instant discount, recipe, tip, fact, contest, prize or offer
  • A short, amusing Youtube video, photo or song clip
  • Links to offers or information on your Facebook or Twitter pages
  • Link to a survey with a chance to win a prize for completion

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Step 4: Educate Yourself

With each campaign, make sure you are setting yourself up to learn from the results. Track each campaign with analytics and study the effectiveness of different offers, calls-to-action, visuals, coupons, ad placements, surveys and links. Measuring, testing and experimenting are the keys to making sure you learn quickly and drive more success in future campaigns.

What about you? Are you already active in QR code marketing? What has worked well for your small business? Please share your experiences below.