As you’ve probably heard, iOS 7 is here. The overhaul has dominated mobile news since Apple first announced it at WWDC, but some of the apps running on it deserve a little media attention as well.


eBay isn’t generally lauded for their design aesthetic, but their iOS 7 update is about to change all that. Users on sites ranging from Engadget to Reddit seem thrilled with the new look and enhanced functionality. This includes an improved search function that makes it easier to save searches and find them when you’re ready to track them down again.

Even if you’re not much of an online auctioneer, the flat look, sans serif fonts and completely redesigned menu are something to behold. Whether you’re placing a bid on an antique lunchbox or selling your old Beanie Babies, you’re guaranteed an experience that’s easier on the eyes.


TED Talks are some of the most addictive pieces of video content on the Internet, and the foundation’s new app update is clearly compliant with Apple’s new design standards.

Additional tweaks include the ability to rewind audio in 30-second increments and the perplexing decision to remove category browsing. Still, that minor subtraction isn’t stopping iPhone-toting TED addicts from raving about the new app.


Instapaper, a premiere iOS reading app, has long been known for its minimalist design philosophy. So it’s no surprise Instapaper followed Apple’s cue and removed most of the skeuomorphic chrome from its first iteration, leaving plenty of room for the content.

Like TED, Instapaper has also made some big functionality changes. According to a Cult of Mac review, the app’s new sorting options let you “put the longest articles at the top, or even arrange them by the time Instapaper thinks you’ll need to read them.” If you’re looking for a new reader, we love how Instapaper’s new app truly puts the focus on what you’re reading — a tenant of iOS 7.


Prior to debuting its new iOS 7 app, Foursquare Labs hinted at a “fresh coat of paint.” What was released wasn’t too far off — namely, a new flattened UI instead of those old beveled edges.

Still, Foursquare deserves a mention for rapidly delivering an experience that doesn’t look out of place on the shiny new OS. But if you’re not quite ready to move to iOS 7, you’ll be happy to know Foursquare has brought many of its under-the-hood improvements to the iOS 6 version as well.

Other apps that deserve honorable mentions include those from American Airlines, Hipmunk and The New York Times, not to mention App Store newcomer Perfect Weather.

With iOS 7 now available, it’ll be exciting to see what how other apps incorporate Apple’s “less is more” approach. Who knows, the next headline-worthy app just might be yours.