Interactive mobile app design can speak thousands of words. Similarly, an app icon can be memorable due to its attractive design. And, people generally remember mobile applications due to their designs. Before heading to know more about the mobile app icon and its importance, let’s quickly go over a few important statistics.

For mobile app developers, it is great news that the mobile app industry is booming. According to the report from Statista, “In 2020, the mobile applications are forecasted to generate 188.9 billion U.S. dollars in revenues through App Stores and in-app advertising.”

Mobile App Industry

Now, the other stats, we’re going to share with you, will tell another story.

  • According to the survey, “It was found that 21% of apps downloaded by mobile app users worldwide were accessed only once during the first six months of ownership.”
  • If we’re talking about the retention rate, 71% of app users churn within 90 days.

All we can say that these figures are not matching the expectations. And, it emerges a few main things:

  • People are rushing towards mobile applications as the revenue of mobile app downloads will grow as you’ve checked in the above-mentioned stats.
  • The retention rate does not look good as a huge percentage of users churn within a few months.

So, the question is how could you build mobile applications that look better?

Well, there are many factors, which can help you to make alluring mobile app designs, plus people do not abandon them at a frequent rate. However, an app icon is one of them. A mobile app icon is considered an underrated factor. But, in actual fact, it is the face of an application. Technically, it works as an overview of the main function of a mobile app.

  • Moreover, the importance of an app icon is that it helps you to make a first impression lasts forever.
  • Plus, this persona of your brand conveys the purpose of the brand.

Moving ahead! In this post, we’ve compiled few powerful tips, which you can follow while designing stunning app icons.

Best Tips to follow while Designing Stunning App Icons

#1: Make It Simple to Comprehend

An ideal app icon should not mislead the users. The user must know the service by just seeing the app’s icon. Thus, it needs to be easier to comprehend for people of every age group.

To design a bright and memorable app icon, it must successfully solve the pain points and convey the message, which is behind the brand. So, this is one of the powerful lessons that can be learned is an app icon must be quick to understand and digestible. App users should not have to spend minutes in order to figure out the services offered by the brand.

To this end, make sure that the branding and messages are clearly shown by the app icon. No matter how tiny mobile app icon is, but it actually helps brands to stand out across the App Stores.

#2: Don’t Miss to Convey “The Purpose” of Mobile App

While keeping the simple design of the app, it is also pivotal that it should not be out of track in order to convey the purpose behind the application. With this small space of app icon, you need to make sure that the app icon tells everything about the brand. An ideal app icon must not be failed to show the genre of the mobile app.

For example, LimeBike, an on-demand commute app for hiring bikes and e-scooters, successfully conveys the purpose of its services via an app icon. It is a creative and understandable icon at the same time. If an app provides services for hiring e-scooters or bikes, then the logo must be related to bikes and electric scooters.


Thus, one of the important lessons that can be learned is that an ideal app icon penetrates the mind of app users in a subtle way.

#3: Avoid Texts, Images & More Than Two Colors

If you are all set to ready to create an app icon, which is alluring and understandable at the same time, you need to avoid a few things, which can make your app icon out-of-style.

  • Texts
  • Images
  • A Number of colors

Texts: Using texts in the mobile app’s icon is definitely not an idea that works. This is because these texts are hard to read in a mobile app’s icon. On the other hand, it also creates the problem of localization. Suppose, if an app owner wants to start his/her application in new markets like China & Korea, then it is hard to launch an app with the first letter of the app.

Images: Talking about the next thing, which you need to avoid images. Including images will be of no use if you choose to implement a bold and unique shape for the icon. Images can be included in another way, and it also does not make an app icon cheesy. Therefore, vector images can be incorporated instead of photos.

A Number of Colors: The next important thing, which you need to avoid is not to use several colors. Once we’ve started picking up the colors, then it is hard to stop. That’s why make sure to stick with not more than two colors. The on-demand food delivery app, Deliveroo, is the perfect example of an icon using two colors.


You’ve just gone with a rounded of powerful tips, which are pivotal to give a thought while designing stunning app icons.

Concluding Remarks

As you have already known the fact that the usage of mobile apps has been on the rise, and it is expected to generate $189 billion U.S. dollars in revenue by 2020, according to Statista. All we can say that all that this booming mobile app industry embraces a number of opportunities for developers, designers, startups, and entrepreneurs. And, the above-mentioned tips are worth to embrace whilst designing alluring app icons.