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Most companies are spending a lot of time making sure they are improving their inbound marketing strategies. Part of this involves putting in a lot of effort into making your website mobile-friendly, and even better, a mobile app for your business.

Not something you’re quite focused on doing just yet? Here’s why you should be caring about the launch of your mobile app, now more than ever.

mobile app, leads, company

A mobile app means more leads

If you’re serious about bringing in more leads, then you should be putting a lot of your energy into constructing a stable mobile app. This is because a strong mobile app means more lead generation. A mobile app allows the interaction between the potential customer and the company to be very close.

Companies can learn a lot about their users when they use an app, which that company can use to their advantage. Let’s say you know that your users tend to use the app late at night, at a cafe. Or, they’re checking in the morning before they go to work. All of that information along with other data, can help cater more content, call to action, promotions and overall marketing campaigns that are relevant to those leads.

It can also help this lead feel more comfortable with your company and gain trust in you. Making the app experience easy for this potential lead is conducive to a strong relationship between the consumer and the company. This can be done by providing contact info right in the app, so they can call you up or message in an instant. Companies can also use apps to send push notifications, so they can let leads in on exclusive information.

mobile app, company, marketing, leads

People are just spending more time on mobile

If you want your company to be successful, then you need to be on top of the statistics. Whether or not you follow each and every trend is up to you, but when it comes to the facts, there’s no denying it. When it comes to digital media, desktop engagement nowadays is at 32%, while the other 68% belongs to mobile utilization, 50% of that in apps. That alone should encourage companies to put more focus into their mobile apps today.

It won’t be easy, but the payoff is great

So, apps are the way to go. That’s clear. But, how can you possibly get people to download an app when getting them to subscribe to your website is just as hard? Well, look at this way. While the custom
er experience should be solid across all platforms, try to think from the customer’s or lead’s point of view. Having an app is just easier. Think about how you like to do online banking or book a hotel last-minute. If you can do it from an app, you’ve saved yourself A LOT of time and frustration.

Now, take that feeling you get when you use an app, and try to provide that for your customers. It won’t be easy, and it’ll take a lot of effort in the beginning. But, hey, so did other aspects of your business, too, right? Gather whatever people you need to make the best app your company can provide and you’ll soon see how great the payoff is.

And, remember…

marketing, mobile app, leads

Keep it relevant

Studies show that Asian consumers use approximately six apps a day, and engagement there is generally higher than in other parts of the world. So, will one of those apps be yours? Not necessarily, especially depending on what kind of company you are. But, you can make your app relevant enough so that users need it for a very specific purpose, like ordering a last-minute gift or finding out where they can travel over the weekend. Make sure apps don’t take up too much space on the users’ phone, and make it as useful to them as possible.

Creating your company’s mobile app is one thing, but understanding how to use it to appropriately engage with leads and customers is a much harder task. Request a demo with Mission Suite and learn how we can help you do the rest.