With the holiday season ramping up, in the form of aggressive advertising and excellent deals on the latest gadgets, it’s a great time to be thankful for the incredible mobile devices we are lucky enough to enjoy. Whether you are planning an upgrade to your family’s phones, purchasing a lucky friend’s first smartphone as a gift, or a tech junkie who can’t wait to get your hands on the latest gadget, there are many devices available to help enhance everything from your home security to your leisure time.

  1. iPhone 5S. The latest incarnation of the iPhone, still setting the standard for smartphones everywhere, features 64-big mobile architecture, fingerprint identity sensor, and is a remarkable 112 grams light – one gram less than a stick of butter. The fingerprint identifier is a great addition to the iPhone line, as mobile phone theft rises every year and another way to protect your gadget is always welcome.
  2. Galaxy S4. The only next generation smartphone to come equipped with slow and fast motion video recording – with no editing necessary – has set many technophiles abuzz with anticipation for how pretty slow motion will look on the huge (for a smartphone) five inch display. Perhaps the most exciting new innovation is the touch free interface, allowing users to connect with their phone by simply gesturing at it instead of being forced to touch the screen every time a call or text comes in.
  3. Galaxy S4 Active. Samsung’s answer to the water proof smartphone case, the S4 Active is a completely water proof and dust proof phone that will make a great gift for the adventurous and thrill seeking member of your family. Not only is the phone waterproof, but it takes vivid photos and videos underwater as well. No more exaggerating about the size of the fish you saw when you scuba-dived on vacation – now you can bring home proof to show everyone.
  4. iPad Air. Weighing in at just one pound, the new iPad is a perfect gift for students who want to keep their backpacks light as they trudge to class, or for frequent travelers who now more than ever have to conserve their baggage space to save money on costly baggage fees. The iPad Air is more than twice as fast as its predecessor, meaning that owners of this new gadget will enjoy seamless web browsing, the ability to run multiple apps simultaneously without loss of performance, and an even more beautiful picture than ever before.
  5. iPhone 5c. The iPhone 5c is available in white and 4 additional vibrant colors, making it a can’t-miss gift for kids (or adults) who love to have a sleek, pretty gadget to play and work with. The new iPhone operating system, iOs 7, was designed specifically with this colorful phone in mind. For the techie who is more concerned with aesthetics than anything else, this phone will be a much appreciated addition to the gadget collection.

Most importantly, do not forget to consider insurance on the phones you give and receive this holiday season. Every year, smartphone thefts increase, and this scary trend means not only that you could lose your beautiful new gadget, but you could also fall victim to identity theft and the loss of any other personal information on your phone.

One of the reasons phone producers have focused lately on newer and better security features is because they are aware of the ever increasing trend of smartphone theft. Protect your gadget – and yourself! – by making sure you acquire a preventative plan that will reimburse you for a lost or broken or stolen gadget, and receive the peace of mind we all desire throughout the holiday season.

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