Project management can be a complicated affair. However, project complexity does not necessarily equal more features. This is because multiple features and functionalities that perform the same task can confuse team members and cause scope creep in projects.

Essentially, there are two parts to project management. The first part is concerned with making sure that work is assigned and distributed optimally. The second part is concerned with analyzing project analytics to make sure that project goals are reached in an efficient fashion. Striking a balance between the two can be problem and most cloud-based project management apps scrimp on solutions.

The good news is that project management solutions in the cloud are improving. They have improved user interfaces, simple and streamlined processing and combine the benefits of accessibility with rich functionality that is on par with (and, sometimes, even better than) on-premise solution.

In the listing below, we select some of the best project management apps available on our site.


Mavenlink emphasizes collaboration in project management. As such, the application enables you to share documents and files with each other. It is available in four flavors: free, expert, guru, and maven. Each flavor represents an increasing degree of user feature. Thus, a maven represents has access to a higher degree of functionality and user features as compared to a free user. Price: Freemium


Clarizen is a SaaS-based application that helps team focus on the highest value projects in their stream. The main idea behind the solution is to quantify decisions to ensure that decisions are about real data, rather than about guesswork. In addition to this, the team at Clarizen incorporates task management, status updates, timesheets, and resource planning into the flow to enable a full picture of the project. At the same time, each user has a customized dashboard that shows them only what they need to know. Price: Freemium

insightly_logo (1)Insightly

Insightly is a customer relationship software that helps businesses capture information about customers, sales leads, and tasks. Insightly is focused to help you record information fast and utilize to grow and manage your business. It is a great tool to be up and running as soon as possible with your customer relationship management strategy. Price: Freemium


Attask is an online project management software that integrates with to enable customer relationship management through project management. It provides a 360 degree view of projects by incorporating internal (project-centric) and external (feedback-centric) view by incorporating social media into the project management paradigm. Price: Freemium


Proworkflow grew out of a internal project management tool. The team behind Proworkflow has incorporated suggestions and comments from users to modify and improve the tool. In addition to including normal project management features and tasks (such as task management, resource scheduling and analytics), the tool is, also, scalable. Hence, it can as easily be used for a corporate team as for a five-man band. Also, according to their founders, the real differentiator between Proworkflow and other, similar solutions in the market is their focus on customer service. Price: Freemium