That customer service can be a key differentiator between you and your customer is an accepted truism for most small businesses and organizations. However, customer service is a difficult task in today’s hyper-connected world. This is because mistakes made by your help desk team are amplified through social media and can easily translate into bad rep with amazing speed. Added to this complexity are the clutter of devices and modes used by consumers to connect with your company. The data points for decisions used by your help desk team are, thus, multiplied.

In such situations, how can you best use available channels to optimize your service channels and connect with your customers? Integrating multiple channels into a single interface might be a good first step. Another idea is to create a knowledge database that enables help desk professionals to view data emerging from and relating to multiple channels at a glance. These tasks can be accomplished by designing multiple, separate solutions within your help desk service center.

Or, you can invest in a single help desk SaaS solution. Along with integrating multiple channels and devices into a single solution, cloud-based solutions offer the twin benefits of costs and mobility. Thus, you can access your help desk from anywhere at a fraction of the cost of an on-premise solution.

Listed below are five best help desk apps that might help you.


As its name indicates, Zendesk is designed to provide peace of mind. Its simple and easy-to-use interface does just that, making it easy for help desk professionals to provide quality support across multiple channels, devices and from anywhere. Plus, the application is scalable. No wonder then, over 30,000 organizations worldwide use the application. Price: Freemium is a smart help desk solution that helps you make sense of your help desk efforts. It integrates multiple customer service conversations into a single interface, prioritize them, and service them accordingly. It also has innovative pricing: the first full-time agent is always free and you can add part-time flex agents as needed to scale according to requirements. Price: Freemium

zohoZoho Support

Zoho support emphasizes a systematic and quantified approach to addressing trouble tickets. Interaction is key to Zoho’s support model. Thus, it provides your help desk professionals the ability to configure a custom WYSIWYG interface for end users without requiring any programming. Using this interface, customers can review, converse, and interact with help desk agents regarding their pain points. Besides this, the application also includes other, regular modules such as ticket management, reports, dashboards, knowledge base, alerts and notifications, workflows etc. Price: Freemium


Winner of the Microsoft BizSpark 2011 award, Freshdesk brings a fresh approach to the help desk ecosystem. It combines customer conversations with other, useful features such as service level agreements, automation features, and a knowledge base. In addition, it has a self-service portal and several community forums to engage and encourage participation from customers. Price: Freemium


Teamsupport is a help desk solution with a difference: it is aimed at businesses. According to the solution’s founders, their ideal customer is a B2B technology company. This is because they excel at managing their customer support communications by enabling great collaborations between departments and customers. Interesting features included in the solution are customer service portals, live chat, team collaboration, ticket management, screen recordings, and embedded images. Price: Freemium