Nearly three out of every four small businesses uses document sharing tools as a way to increase productivity both inside and outside the office, however compatibility and security issues can put companies using certain platforms at a disadvantage. Although there are dozens of document sharing and knowledge management apps currently on the market, the quality and the features offered can vary significantly from product to product.

The specific document sharing and knowledge management app that a company or individual chooses to use should be based on the available features, supported devices, support options, and price. Security is another issue that comes up among small business owners, since many are using document sharing tools to send and store sensitive data and confidential information. For those users, especially, it is important to research what type of security features a document sharing and knowledge management app has built-in before adopting any new tools.

Here are our picks for the top five document sharing and knowledge management apps.

ZohoZoho Docs

Zoho Docs is a central document repository for all types of documents. All the functions that businesses expect from collaboration tools, Zoho Docs has it. Store and share files securely and access them anywhere and wherever you are. Create, edit, share, view and upload any type of files including Zip, PDF, etc and save them online. Create a central repository to share folders and invite users to collaboratively view, edit and upload documents. Upload and import files directly from Google Docs to Zoho Docs. Zoho Docs will increase your productivity and helps you to have valuable productive time by finding and accessing files with the click of a button.

Price: Starting from $3 per month.


Connecting people with information and knowledge, Bloomfire aims to reduce the amount of time enterprise employees spend searching for information to do their jobs. Bloomfire delivers content management and social collaboration features in an easy-to-use web application With Bloomfire, you can: create and consume content, upload or create text documents, videos, screencasts, and more with your mobile device. Share your content with the team for quick consumption. Get feedback about your content and receive a notification anytime they post something new.

Price: Starting from $200 per month.


Intralinks VIA offers secure, scalable file-sharing, letting you store all of your content online. Access, manage, share, and UNshare from anywhere, anytime. Enterprise-grade file sync and share tool that IT and business professionals will love. Intralinks VIA is a breakthrough enterprise collaboration solution that gives demanding professionals the freedom to work confidently beyond traditional corporate boundaries. Built upon proven technology used by over 99% of the global Fortune 1000, Intralinks VIA goes beyond file sharing to ensure that productive work gets done, while protecting that work wherever it goes.

Price: Starting from $25 per month.



With millions of registered users Hightail (formerly YouSendIt) is the go-to file collaboration service for both consumers and enterprise. The company‘s online services span from simple file sharing to complete collaboration services that allow users to securely share, sign and access content from any mobile device or PC.

Price: Starting from $14.99 per month.



FileHold document management software system is easy to install, and easy to use. The software licensing, implementation and support packages are affordable for small to large organizations. FileHold can convert intellectual property into a secure organized electronic library. The software reduces time taken searching for information, decreases paper storage costs, while increasing worker collaboration and workflow efficiency across the entire organization.

Price: Starting from $3,750.