Modern inventory management systems are a combination of logistics, sales forecasts, and stocks. They combine multiple departments and areas of expertise within an organization into a single, streamlined software system. In the process, such systems provide an operational simplicity that is, otherwise, absent in offline interactions between departments.

Because of the nature of their operations, however, inventory management systems are difficult and expensive to develop. Part of the reason for this is that they are targeted at large corporations, which, generally, have multiple departments and units.

On the other hand, small businesses work differently. They work with constrained resources and divisions between departments are not as easily defined as those in a large organizations. They need inventory management systems that are simple in operations yet complex and comprehensive enough to help them accomplish their ends. No wonder, then, they have generally been excluded as customers from this important product category.

In an on-premise solution world, this would not have been possible. Cloud technology, however, has reduced development costs and made inventory management accessible to small businesses. In addition to providing streamlined functionality at low costs, cloud inventory management solutions also provide the benefits of scalability and mobility for small businesses.

Over the years, we have reviewed a number of inventory management solutions within our ecosystem. In this list, we have selected apps for inventory management solutions that, in our opinion, are excellent additions to the inventory management ecosystem.


Brightpearl is cloud software that integrates orders, inventory and customer data across multiple retail channels. It also has built in accounting and reporting so that merchants can make timely, informed decisions to ensure that they can constantly monitor their business’s cash flow and financial performance. Finally, the solution integrates with a host of other, similar platforms and marketplaces, offering merchants a broader variety of choices and solutions to expand their business.

Pricing: $99.00/month

LettuceApps-logoLettuce Apps

Lettuce Apps is an inventory management system exclusively for mobile devices. This means it is beautifully designed and helps you take orders pretty much anywhere. You can use their iPad Order Capture app or use a centralized web-based hub to capture orders on-the-go. The interesting thing about the latter mode of capturing orders is that you can do it, even when you are not connected to the Internet. The app captures data and syncs as soon as a net connection becomes available. At the backend, the system connects with wholesale, trade shows, sales reps and major business websites such as Shopify etc.

Pricing: $59.00/month


The founders of Megaventory call it a business management tool for dummies. This means that the solution is extremely easy-to-use and easily accessible via the cloud. You can use the solution for a wide variety of tasks including inbound, outbound, and transfers. In addition, you can use it to create sales quotes, sales purchase and work orders.

Pricing: $9.90/month


Tradegecko is a world-class inventory management software that helps you manage and monitor your inventory. All of this can be done dynamically. This means that you can manage and monitor inventory, track stock movements and see what is selling and what’s not. One of the more interesting things about the solution is that it is a complete order management software solution that helps you create and manage orders from multiple channels. In addition, you can issue purchase orders to vendors and sales orders to customers.

Pricing: $49.00/month

NetSuite Inventory Management

NetSuite inventory management software offers a complete set of inventory management, manufacturing, and purchasing capabilities that improves supply chain management and delivers an end-to-end procure-to-pay process. It allows users to gain an in-depth, real-time view into key supplier, inventory and procurement indicators and improve collaboration throughout the entire supply chain.

Pricing: $99.00/month