Worried about your pets getting out? Put a QR code on their ID tags so anyone who finds them will have immediate access to your pets’ important information. From the medication they take to special dietary needs, the QR code ID tag, produced by PetHub, enables an owner to put detailed information about their pet online that otherwise would never fit on a normal ID tag.

Seattle Times explains, “The tags have a QR code — the barcode-like symbol that can be scanned with a smartphone to load a website — and an address for an individualized webpage which the owner can update as needed. It’s like a Facebook profile for your pet, says PetHub founder Tom Arnold, a place to store and share information about an animal.”

The tags were recently updated with a hotline number (each pets’ webpage already had it) to ensure those without QR code-scanning ability will still be able to reach the owners. Bryan Laurienti, co-owner of BBB Systems, said, “I think putting QR codes on pet ID tags is a great idea. Although putting your phone number on your pet’s ID tag initially seems like all you need to do, I can see the value in having a QR code instead. In an instance where an owner isn’t immediately reachable, whoever finds the pet would be able to access crucial information about dietary restrictions and medication they might be taking. Plus, some people are sensitive about posting their phone number online, and the QR code ID tag comes with its own pet hotline number.”

What do you think about PetHub’s QR code ID tags?