It should come as no surprise that the finance industry is leading the mass expansion of mobile advertising budgets when one discovers that 80% of financial consumers use a smartphone. But toward what objectives are these financial companies optimizing their ad campaigns?

Since financial mobile apps are becoming increasingly popular, it’s important for the finance industry to innovate ways to lead their consumers to their websites and apps. However, the most important objective (according to a recent study) is for these institutions to generate leads. In fact, lead generation accounts for 70% of their goals. Just to get a good grasp on how this measures up, other industries list this goal only 25% of the time. Their call-to-actions include enroll/join/subscribing, placing a call and application download much more often than other industries’ mobile ads, too, which means that the execution is in line with the goal.

How effective do you think mobile ads are when considering financial institutions? Are you more or less likely to download an app or fill out a contact form from your phone?