Synchroteam is a top performer in the Field Service Management software (FSM) category. In our previous review of Synchroteam we looked at their main features and today we are diving into their recently introduced built-in integrations to connect with the most popular business apps.

Let´s see how it looks like and why it is an important move for companies using a FSM app.

From Managing a Field Service Workforce to a Complete Command Center

Synchroteam’s new features extend the app from scheduling and managing a field service workforce to being the central command center for any business offering on-site services: security, cleaning contractors, HVAC installation and repair, construction, pest control, transport maintenance, engineering, kitchen support…

Their portfolio of new integrations allows Synchroteam users to better manage project administration and customer relationships from their Field Service Management app.

Synchroteam manages a business’ mobile workforce: allocating staff time, monitoring quality service delivery, and providing technicians with the job details they need, direct to their mobile (including maps and traffic updates, specific job requirements and equipment details, and features to encourage before and after photos of work sites to be taken to track service outcomes).

Synchroteam’s new integration features (powered by CloudWork a service affiliated to GetApp) recognize that the management of a mobile workforce is the central operational spine for Field Service companies. These new integrations allow for better customer relationship management, and ensure customer job information is managed across a suite of business apps that may be in use, including cloud storage services.

Integrating Field Service Information Across Multiple Apps

App users can authorize Synchroteam to link data with their other business apps, including:

  • Salesforce, Zoho, Capsule and Highrise for CRM

  • Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor for marketing automation

  • FreshBooks for Invoicing

  • Google Contacts for contacts management

A new integrations header menu option within the Synchroteam app allows users to automatically navigate to a catalog of app integrations.

Users can select integrations so that when new customers are added to Synchroteam, they are automatically added to a relevant Campaign Monitor or MailChimp subscriber list. This can help build customer loyalty and repeat business from existing customers without having to go through the Synhroteam database to identify recent customers each time a new promotional offer is being sent from your email campaign app. Contact information between FreshBooks and Synchroteam can also be integrated.

Integrations with popular CRM apps allow for syncing of a business’ contact information. Depending on the CRM or contact management app you use, filters allow for only targeted contacts to be added to Synchroteam. For example, an integration can be created to add all new Google Contacts belonging to a particular group to be added as new customers to Synchroteam, or all contacts assigned to a specific staff member in Salesforce to be added as new customers. If these fields are left blank, the integration will update each new contact from your CRM app to Synchroteam whenever it is added.

New contacts added to Synchroteam can also be automatically added to your CRM app. This is a great for Field Services businesses with established workflows centered around their workforce management, but who may be introducing a CRM app into their operations to better manage sales leads, suppliers and other business contacts. Instead of training your Field Service managers to duplicate new customer information from Synchroteam into your CRM database, integrations can do it for you automatically, without errors or omissions.

Integrating Customer Job Information

Expected to be more often used amongst Synchroteam users, the new range of integration options for managing customer job information will help Field Service companies maintain efficiencies, enhance customer service quality, and keep more secure job documentation records.

With these integrations you can track all customer jobs in a Google Calendar to share across your business management team. You can also automate your photo backup so that when field technicians take mobile photo snaps of before and after work sites, a copy is automatically stored to your Dropbox or Google Drive folder. This can help reduce the risk of disagreements over completed jobs, and helps you manage a backup of work undertaken without adding to your administration workload.

Job outcomes can also be noted on the customer’s CRM record. For example, a Salesforce integration allows for details of a customer job to be added to the relevant Salesforce contact record. From Salesforce, anyone with permission in the business will be able to see what jobs have been carried out:

Here is an example of a Salesforce note created with the integration:

Note title: [Synchroteam] Customer job COMPLETED (description: On-site repair of DX900 printer and replacement cartridge installed)
Note description: High priority + Repair + Josef Claus+ Avolax offices + DX900 Enterprise printer

Administrators Get a Global View

Synchroteam administrators have easy access to see which integrations they have set up between Synchroteam and their other business apps, and at a glance, can see when data was last transferred between their app tools.

I strongly encourage any company with a mobile workforce to get a taste of the power of Synchroteam’s features combined with popular app integrations.