hUnsure which operating system to deploy for your mobile field service strategy? Here are 9 reasons iOS is a strong enterprise option for managing your field functions.

People love Apple for their “sexy” devices, seamlessly integrated software and hardware, and innovative reputation. But when I hear iOS, I don’t necessarily think “top enterprise operating system,” or “tough field devices.”

Many service managers overlook iOS when they’re searching for a mobile solution because they think it’s not tough enough for field service or not business-y enough to run enterprise software. But before you dismiss Apple devices and iOS for your enterprise solution, here are some benefits you may not have considered.

ios field service app deployment

9 Reasons You Should Consider iOS Field Service App Deployment

1. iOS Supports 3rd Party Mobile Device Management (MDM)

iOS devices come equipped with built-in support for third-party MDM solutions so companies can secure, monitor, manage, and support devices with internal IT support. The built-in MDM framework is powerful and scalable enough to fully configure and manage all iOS devices within an organization.

2. iOS Controls Tampering with the Software

Apple is known for its control. They’re able to lock down all elements securely out-of-the-box. This means that businesses using iOS can prevent employees from installing potentially harmful applications or tampering with the operating system.

3. iOS Secures Your Data within the “Walled Garden”

Apple creates what’s called a “walled garden” for your data within the operating system. Once your data is in the area, it’s safe and happy, but it can’t get out. Natively you don’t have to do anything to enhance security.

4. iOS Creates Consistent Experience for All Users

Because Apple is the only one manufacturing its devices, there’s a more consistent experience. There aren’t many devices, but all the styles are strong. And since iOS devices are so popular in the consumer realm, many of your employees will already know how to use them.

5. iOS Connects with Hundreds of Compatible Accessories:

With hundreds of add-ons and accessories like keyboards, adaptors, rugged cases, credit-card readers, etc., field service companies can transform iOS devices to fit their needs.

6. iOS Comes Equipped with Built-In, Native Features

In addition to the thousands of available apps, there are also features that come standard with iOS devices, such as voice recognition, Siri, high-resolution photo taking, GPS, and Face Time. Companies can incorporate these features into daily field work like taking pictures onsite, voice recording notes, or syncing GPS location with back-office visual scheduler.

7. iOS Encourages Friendly User Experience

Apple encourages you to follow user interface (UI) guidelines so all views look the same across all apps. This consistency in your organization makes it easier for training and demands that all techs have the same tools and experience in the field.

8. iOS Runs Standard Across all Apple Mobile Devices

Apple’s operating system, iOS, runs standard across all Apple mobile devices. More than 1 million iOS applications exist today, many of which are created for or assist in field workforce management.

9. iOS Receives Support from Big Community of Developers

Since Apple is such a mobile giant, its devices come equipped with the support of a huge community of developers and support locations all around the world. And because of Apple’s trusted reputation, you can rest assured that you’ll receive a quality piece of equipment and reliable services with your purchase.

Enhance iOS Field Service Capabilities with a Mobile Field Service App

Once you’ve chosen to deploy iOS and invest in Apple devices for your field workforce, it’s time to equip them a service management app for iOS.

With a best-of-breed, field service mobile application, techs can:sp mobile ios

    • Perform electronic inspections
    • Capture photos and signatures in the field
    • Record work order labor time, parts/inventory, and tasks with or without wireless connectivity
    • View customer equipment asset contract and warranty coverage
    • Access customer service history
    • Receive work orders and set statuses
    • Receive alerts and schedule updates in real time

Make Service a Priority

With the power and support of iOS devices equipped with a quality service management app, your technicians will be able to do their jobs better and faster. Only time will tell how Apple will further their appeal for enterprise mobile use, but for now, it’s offering many features for companies to improve their business’ bottom line by putting service first.

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*Originally published at MSI Data.