In the modern economy, understanding your customer is immensely important. Identifying business strategies that work and addressing customer service hiccups requires getting direct and honest feedback. Feedbackstr helps you quickly and easily create customer experience surveys that users can fill out on their computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

In this Feedbackstr review, we will take a look at this survey web app‘s interface and features, and discuss ways this tool can be used to help your business.

Creating a Survey

Upon logging in, you will be brought to the app’s dashboard (dubbed the “cockpit”). The first time using Feedbackstr, you will be prompted to create your first survey. A series of pop ups serve as a tutorial, but I found the interface to be intuitive enough to dive in without any help.


The survey creator uses a tabbed interface that makes jumping between sections easy. To start, you can choose a template. These templates are designed to give you a set of questions that you might typically ask for various scenarios. The list is long, and select examples include surveys for a store, a hotel, a product, and a presentation. The prepared questions can be edited, and serve merely as a set of suggestions based on the topic you select. Of course, you can eschew templates in favor of a survey you build from scratch.

After naming and briefly describing the survey, it’s time to start building it. Ask your first question by typing in the space provided. You have some basic text style controls, including bold and italics, as well as the ability to embed a link. Directly beneath the question, you are given the option of including an image. This can be done either by navigating to a locally stored image or by dragging and dropping one.


There are several question types to choose from, including a star-rating, yes/no, comment box, and multiple choice. You can mark questions as being required or optional, and changing the order of questions can be done simply by clicking and dragging. At any point, you can click on the smartphone, tablet or computer icon to get a real-time preview of the way your survey would look on each device. Thanks to the responsive design, my survey looked great on each screen size.

Customize and Share

One of the most welcome features of Feedbackstr is the support for multiple languages, (more than 30 of the most common are available). Select another language and an additional tab is created allowing you to build the survey for whichever languages you need. Participants will be able to choose which version they would like to take at the beginning of the survey.

Question Types

The “customize” tab allows users to make the survey more unique to your company. You can upload your company’s logo, which will appear at the top of the survey, and have that image link back to your website or Facebook page. A “master” question can be used, which averages all of the star-ratings from the questions in your survey to indicate overall satisfaction (or whatever metric you choose to use). The results of this master question can be published automatically to a review page. While you can choose a custom URL for the location of the survey, you can also use the included shortcode creator to make the link easier to share on character-limited services like Twitter. Various settings that apply to participants are also available, such as allowing users to share the survey or get an email receipt.

QR codes

The “share” tab gives you a number of options for publishing the survey. Buttons allow instant sharing to popular social networks, including Facebook, Twitter and Google+. You can create a QR code to be save onto your computer or as a PDF, or you can have the QR code printed for you via a third party service. Feedbackstr has a built-in address book that offers CSV imports, and sharing of the survey can be done directly to any contacts you choose. Lastly, a widget creation tool is included, which helps build buttons or sidebar tabs that link directly to your survey. You are given a fair amount of customization regarding colors, positioning, and more. In order to encourage participation, a reward feature is available. These rewards can be anything your business wants to offer, and Feedbackstr makes including vouchers for products or services very easy.

Collaborate and Analyze

Feedbackstr understands that multiple employees from your organization are going to be interested both in creating the surveys and also in tracking the responses. Once you create an account, you can add teammates via a simple in-browser email invite. By adding teammates, you choose what permissions they have by selecting either read only or full access.

Analysis of your survey results can be done from the dashboard, where each individual survey can be accessed. The analysis page contains a wealth of information, presented as statistics and in graph form. A running count of the total number of surveys completed is shown at the side, with breakdown of the type of device used. You can filter the results based on set time intervals, though the choices are somewhat limited to rather arbitrary times of the last 12 days, last 12 weeks and last 12 months. A chart shows the change in the number of respondents over time. Selecting an individual questions provides similar analysis tools. An interesting addition to the dashboard is the ability to search for specific answers within your results, which is a great way to get feedback about a particular aspect of your business. You can also export the results in a number of formats for easy sharing within your company.


There are four available plans: Free, Starter, Basic, and Premium. The paid plans cost €399, €699 and €999 per year, respectively, with monthly payment plans available. More expensive plans add features and increase limits on things like the number of surveys you can make and the number of questions you can include. For full information on the differences between the plans, see the Feedbackstr pricing guide.


Staying aware of your customer’s opinions about your company is an essential part of any successful business strategy. Feedbackstr approaches customer surveys from the perspective that these should be as easy to build as they are to take, and they pack in the necessary analysis tools to help you get the most out of the results.

There are a few minor setbacks in survey creation, including not being able to break up your survey into multiple pages to prevent participants from feeling overwhelmed by the length, although it has the virtue of forcing you not to bother the customer with too many questions/pages. The pricing structure is perhaps a bit too complicated, with far too many options to weigh between the subtle differences in each available package. Ultimately, however, Feedbackstr is an easy-to-use and robust survey tool that any company could implement for fantastic feedback.