Mobile AppsIf you’re like most of the app-addicted world, you probably have some favorite apps that you visit several times a day on your smartphone or tablet – or both. While some of your favorite apps may fit into these categories (games, photos, texting, weather, or food), business news still ranks high on the list. Here’s my “Top 10” list of informative business apps.

Nothing comes close to Twitter when you want real time news on any subject. But, thanks to Tweetchats and hashtags, you can spend hours surfing Twitter, learning about any topic and conversing with industry experts. It’s not unheard of for Fortune 500 Presidents to respond to a tweet – I know from personal experience because it’s happened to me.

Zite is an excellent tool because you can customize the categories. If you want to read about leadership, customer service, or marketing, you can create a “Quicklist” with your chosen categories and also an introductory screen of your the stories in your chosen categories.

Flipboard is another great tool because you can create magazines with your preferred content. You can give the magazines whatever name you like and add content as often as you want (or in Flipboard terminology, flip content).

Since many of us read blogs every day, we all have our favorite readers where we store our favorite blog URLs. Mine is Blogkeen, and each morning, this is the first app I open on my smartphone. Depending on the day of the week, 10-20 blog posts will greet me. I can easily read the posts and then share on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, or send to someone via email.

This app from the Harvard Business Review provides a daily management tip Monday through Friday. Each tip is accompanied by its source, so you can read more if desired. This app serves as a refresher course in Management 101 because you never know when the tips will come in handy.

This app provides an overview of key topics ranging from technology to money to marketing to managing to innovation. Articles are informative and easy to read.

This app provides up-to-the-minute news releases. The app allows users to search by topic as well as customize the news they read. If users don’t want to read “featured news,” they can customize the news on the main page by industry and subject – and can also choose from a large number of Twitter feeds.

This app provides key articles from the Ragan News website in app format and mobile-accessible.

Everyone has seen the antics of the Dilbert group. Now they appear on the smartphone and tablet. Each day, there’s a cartoon to remind us of the type of workplace we want to avoid.

This app syncs with the desktop and tablet versions so you can read your eBooks while on the go.

So, what are your fave business apps?
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