Family Guy has quite the fan base already, but developing a mobile app for its fans is a great way to increase engagement. An article on E-Commerce Daily said that the app, called The Family Guy Fun Pack, gives fans an easy way to purchase ringtones and wallpaper as well as listen to funny audios from the show.

E-Commerce Daily explains, “The freemium version of the app lets users download their favorite wallpaper for free. However, users can make in-app purchases to buy more character wallpapers. For example, for $0.99, users can add four more wallpapers from any character or unlock all 40 for $4.99. Additionally, there are a variety of audio clips from the show that users can buy for $1.29 and use as ringtones.”

Bryan Laurienti, co-owner of BBB Systems, said that the Family Guy app is a great way for fans to further connect with the show and share their favorite funny audios with friends.

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