Now that you’ve (hopefully) got Facebook, Twitter, and possibly even Google + down, it’s time to think about how you can continue growing your business through other marketing mediums and social networking sites.

If you’re hosting an event for your business, consider taking your marketing efforts up a notch by incorporating the use Instagram and QR codes. Instagram is a very popular mobile photography app that allows users to snap pictures with their phones, apply a vintage-inspired filter, and upload them to their Instagram account.

Businesses can take advantage of Instagram’s popularity by creating their own account and having a dedicated Instagram photographer at their event. The photographer can snap photos of the guests at your event, giving them a reason to follow your Instagram account on the spot. Be sure to continue using your Instagram account between events to entice your followers to stay active on your account. This is a great way to reach new consumers and engage with current customers.

Another idea for your event is to incorporate the use of QR codes. Think about what the main goal of your event is. Do you want to drive traffic to your website? Are you hoping to get more Twitter followers? Do you want more customers to visit your retail store location?

Try putting a QR code on cocktail napkins, table tents, or even on the servers or bartenders’ shirts at your event that your guests can scan with their smartphones. Be sure to link the QR code to a landing page that corresponds with your goal. Bryan Laurienti, co-owner of BBB Systems, suggests, “Whether you link directly to your website, your Twitter account, or even to a special landing page with a coupon that can be used at your retail location, you’ll have grabbed your target audience’s interest and increased your brand’s exposure.”

Tell us your thoughts: What is your best marketing tip for event success?