Business App MarketRevenues in the enterprise mobility market are predicted to grow two times as fast as the consumer market spanning over the next five years, according to an estimate by ABI research.

They predict that revenues could grow to $340 billion by 2017.

The estimate includes revenues generated by several features offered on smart phones and devices, including voice messaging, headset data plans, mobile broadband and enterprise apps as well as others.

According to ABI, mobile operators, device makers, IT people and platform supplies should be targeting that growth market as the consumer market slows down.

Currently, enterprise market revenues represent over 30% of the mobile services market.

Smart phone penetration is also estimated to grow by 90% in North America and Europe, and in other developing regions, even ones with low smart phone penetration, revenues are expected to grow.

ABI analyst Dan Shey advises that mobile operators offer innovative packing and pricing. So that employees can find apps ready to use at work that are enterprise-ready. He also suggests that smart phone markers should have a portfolio of enterprise-ready devices, including ones with security features and preloaded apps, which will make it easier for small business to equip themselves with up to date mobile technology. He also notes that IT and platform suppliers should form partnerships, which would help them to better serve the growing enterprise mobility management services market.

The conclusion is that the enterprise market is growing fast and revenues will reflect that. Companies should get on board quickly to take advantage of the upswing.

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