Mobile apps are causing a paradigm shift in traditional business. In the past, print and mail campaigns were essential to the growth of a business. In the modern era, technology and digital marketing are must-haves. As such, businesses up-to-date on market trends—specifically app integration—will see the greatest profit margins. But applications aren’t just for the consumer; businesses can use apps internally to optimize production and profitability.

What is EAI?

Enterprise Application Integration (otherwise known as EAI) is a way for businesses to optimize and streamline multiple programs or computer systems, simplifying the interface and data collection process to reduce error. Consider the following: If you have an HR department, a marketing department, a product development team, an online marketing team, a web development team, and managers using dedicated software, the likelihood of human error contaminating data is high. But by submitting all that data through one channel, you can reduce the margin of error significantly. CRM—or customer relationship management—systems are just one example of EAI.

How does EAI benefit companies?

1. Companies using EAI experience enhanced data management capabilities. Again, this comes down to minimizing the transfer data as much as possible. The less the data moves from one system to another, the less opportunity for corruption or loss. Additionally, info can be upgraded more efficiently across all departments.

2. Data collection and analysis that would have once taken weeks or months can now be carried out in real time, increasing productivity through automation. If you’re launching a new product and have an email campaign targeted to three possible markets, the automated process can track how each campaign has performed and present that data back to you, comparing not just the success of each campaign, but revealing differences in demographics, buyer preference, click points, etc. You can then leverage these conclusions to optimize your campaigns and gain useful insights into your target market.

3. As customer’s expectations fluctuate, having an adaptive internal structure is critical. EAI makes businesses more nimble than ever before.

4. Oh ya, and it’s financially sound. Consider the cost practicality of an app. Sure, there are upfront costs, but they reduce long-term hiring needs, the costs associated with error, and the time spent on manual processes.

Do the research, crunch the numbers. You’ll find that EAIs are a critical part of today’s growing market and the present/future of e-commerce. It shouldn’t be a question of if you’ll integrate enterprise technology, but how you’ll do it.

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