Many email applications exist on the market and it is sometimes hard to know which one to pick. In order to make the right decision here are some criterion that will help you find the best email apps in the market. Until recently, one of the best email applications was Mailbox.

Unfortunately, it has announced that it is shutting down. This email app was very popular even before its creation. Indeed, weeks before its launch, a pre-registration period resulted in a waiting list of over 746,652 reservations. A tremendous amount of users rely on Mailbox to help them manage and sort their emails, but now that it doesn’t exist anymore, they need to turn to a new alternative that will be equally valuable.

Emails are something that nobody can avoid. They appear all the time whether they are professional or personal and are very difficult to manage: they take a large amount of time to be read and sort by level of importance. Companies and private users are now looking for a Mailbox’s substitute and intend to keep relying on mobile apps since they are free and make a big difference in people’s lives. The number of companies focused on mobile enterprise technology expanded by 20% last year to 313, according to annual view on mobile enterprise tech trends. Many of the app-centric undertakings are focused on very specific business sectors including emails ap

Email apps are expanding very fast and several studies show their importance in people lives. Indeed, 53% of total email opens occurred on a mobile phone or tablet in Q3 2014. This is an increase from the 48% percent seen in Q2 2014. – Experian “Quarterly email benchmark report” (Q3 2014) and more email is read on mobile than on desktop email clients. Stats say 54% of email is now opened on a mobile device Litmus –”Email Analytics” (Nov 2015)

According to Yesmail Interactive, more than 50% of emails are opened on mobile devices. In order to master the inbox, former Mailbox users should take into consideration a replacement and find the email app that fits them the most.

The most important point that you need to keep in mind about a good email app (whether it is for Android or for iOS) is that it needs to fit your personality and your needs.

One of the best options as an alternative to Mailbox is Mailwise. This email app and Mailbox share some important features in order to simplify the way people work together. Like Mailbox, Mailwise also owes its reputation to its ability to literally empty user’s inbox and go over every single email thoroughly in order to classify them properly.

Both Mailwise and Mailbox were founded on the concept that time is money and that users shouldn’t waste valuable time going over each of their emails (since most of them are spams, commercial or even irrelevant). One of Mailwise’s purpose is to do that for you. It also increases your efficiency by assembling all users email conversations and hiding the unnecessary information so the user can properly focus on the important content of the email.

Another replacement option we recommend is Gmail. Many people are already familiar with Gmail, but if you aren’t now is the time to jump on the bandwagon. This email app is easy to use and is a good option to get real-time notifications. Emails are easy to look at and won’t get lost. For users, this app gives them the opportunity to get to inbox zero easily, it classifies emails by categories “Draft”, “VIP”, “Important” etc… so all your inbox stays clean and organized.

If you like new technologies and more important, if you are an “app addict”, Dispatch could be a great match for you to fill the gap left by Mailbox. Indeed, through this simple email app, you will use 55 different other apps including Evernote or Pocket. Your most important emails can be automatically archived to Evernote and links of your choice will be saved on Pocket so you can read them later.

It can sometimes be difficult to change from one platform to another and we are certain many are upset at the loss of Mailbox. The important thing is to remember the impact that email apps can have on your business (or daily life) and to know how to find the best option for you: an app that will fulfill your needs so you can rely on businesswise or in general in your daily life, and we are certain that the alternatives we mentioned here will help make for a more seamless transition.