Unless you have been living under a rock, you haven’t witnessed the recent explosion of mobile technology. There are statistics out that claim that there are more mobile phones then toilets, toothbrushes, and babies being born per day worldwide. Mobile is one of the hottest industries out there, should be company’s major focus. Going mobile is a buzz-phrase now and many people really don’t know what goes into making it a success.

As with any media channel, mobile, has limitations that come with it. For example, the screen size, much smaller than a traditional desktop monitor or tablet. Knowing this constraint you need to transform your mobile page to not only be compatible to be viewed on a phone, its design needs to complement the phone. A company has 3 options to consider, mobile version of their existing site, mobile site, and app. A mobile version should be out of the question; it does not fully incorporate the mobile design and will not lead to increased conversions. Both mobile sites and apps are the best options; each one is made specifically for the phone and will give the user a better customer experience.

Mobile also offers things that are not available on other devices. These include mobility, location based services, and convenience. You can essentially access the internet from anywhere, no computer required. Since it is always connected to the internet and can figure out where you are located, location based services will be available to better provide you with search results.  The convenience factor is that your phone is so sophisticated it has replaced multiple products you would have owned, such as mp3 player or camera.

Many companies have already become very successful through mobile and are further developing this space. Apps allow you to go mobile first and avoid making a website. Look at Instagram, when they launched, their website was very basic but their bread and butter was their mobile app. We already know more people spend time on their phones then on their computers. Sometimes people spend time on both devices at the same time. We know that people are becoming more comfortable using their phones and are transitioning into being comfortable making purchases via their phone.

Not taking full advantage of this fast moving industry not only can affect potential sales but can also make you less competitive. In a world of cross-screen marketing, marketers want to be visible on every device users touch. Your competitive advantage will be based upon how well you integrate your company throughout these devices and if you are actively developing and improving your marketing strategies. Get on the mobile train now because the longer you wait, the harder it will be for you to get on-board with the rest.