Dell Desktop

Dell has come up with a new app called Mobile Connect that brings mobile your smartphone notifications like incoming calls and text messages to the desktop via Bluetooth.

The app was just one of the new products introduced by the company at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas that started last Tuesday and will end Friday.

One other notable product launched by Dell is a new personal computer with a “Maglev” keyboard.

Synced Calls and Notifications

According to a Verge article, the app “syncs calls and notifications, lets you respond to them from your PC, and when connected to an Android phone, can mirror its screen completely so that you can navigate apps right from your computer.”

Mobile Connect, which works with Android and iOS, would be convenient for desktop users, as The Verge pointed out.

On the other hand, TechCrunch reported that Mobile Connect is “a bit like some of the functionality offered up by Cortana on Windows or Notification Center on macOS.

Unlike Cortana and the Notification Center though, Mobile Connect does not require a user to sign into an individual account on the desktop, TechCrunch also said.

What Mobile Connect only requires are a new Dell computer and a smartphone within Bluetooth range.


At the CES, Dell demonstrated to media representatives how the app works, and it performed without a hitch.

A small notification box popped up in the upper right-hand corner of a desktop’s screen and a user “could respond in a dialog box or click through to a mirrored image of the user’s phone’s screen.”

The Dell representative also demonstrated how a user could get a call, field an Instagram notification and order an Uber.

Meanwhile, Dell is not only into making PCs now; it has gotten involved in jewelry-making, using discarded computer pieces.

What’s Next?

Dell has devised an app that lets mobile notifications appear on the desktop.

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