Review of mobile app DelightCircle, developed by Pipal Ventures. The app makes your shopping experience better by fetching you deals from the offline world determining your location along with some other cool features.

It’s not everyday that you come across an amazing mobile app and we see DelightCircle breaking the stereotypes and standing out from the rest. And if you have still not heard of it or experienced it, make sure your Blackberry, Droid or iOS phone gets it now!

What is DelightCircle?

In a nutshell, this intelligent app by Pipal Ventures fetches deals from various stores by determining your location. We would like to call it as a ‘smart deal aggregator’.

Pipal Ventures has leveraged the location determining capabilities of smart phone to a great use where by determining the location of its app user, it shows deals from stores located within 500m to 1km. DelightCircle also has some in-store deals where the user can just walk-in into the respective store listed on the app and do a check-in  (vis-à-vis FourSquare) to redeem the offer. Apart from deals, DelightCircle also shows you latest arrivals and other offers including accumulation and redemption of loyalty points.


So how does DelightCircle help?


With the plethora of apps around in the stores, you may want to think that DelightCircle is no different. But the power lies in its ability to scan through various offers, deals and bring out the best to you, based on your location. Wonder you’re visiting a mall with multiple clothing outlets and looking out to buy a pair of jeans or you’re around a particular location and looking out for good food joints (the most commonest problem).

Just install the DelightCircle free app, and shoot it up. The login can be setup with Facebook account and it will determine the location of your phone and start sharing the deals. The app relies on power of social media by allowing you to share your check-ins, reviews on popular social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, thus generating the buzz around the app and so gets the user to engage with their followers.

Secondly, you can also choose your favorite shops and whenever a new offer comes up, it gets displayed in your app. This helps you keep track of offers in your favorite shops.

A simple click on the ‘Nearby’ section gave me a list of offers from various stores nearby and it brought in offers across all the categories. With multiple categories – Apparel, Electronics, Home Decor, Grocery, Footwear, Restaurant, you get an exhaustive list of offers and coupled with its loyalty programs (yes, you can earn reward points on referrals, check-in to preferred stores) this is an app to reckon with.

The best part is, an embedded map interface. A simple click on the map icon from the offer screen takes you to the map with a pin on location of the store. This makes it easier for you to locate the store & take advantage of the offer.


While all the above was from consumer perspective, for businesses it’s a great opportunity to get increased foot falls. In the current state of economy where we manage about 5% growth rate, any increase in number of consumers should be a welcome sign.

By enabling an interface to link the users check-in and reviews with social media, business can leverage the buzz that is generated for them and either seek user feedback or even engage with its customers beyond the stores.

And the best part for the business is that this medium doesn’t cost much and the capital investment for brands is negligible to none. The huge saving on capex and marketing should help businesses make wise use of the money elsewhere.

Final words

While it’s difficult to find a flaw in the current app with more than 5000+ downloads, what we would really like to see is a navigation feature for its users. This feature will not only help a user find the deal on their phone, but also help them locate. A win-win situation for business as well as DelightCircle.