Thanks to a recent webinar we watched presented by Google, we have these number to present to you…

Over Half of all Americans will have smart phones by the end of 2011

17% of all auto industry searches are from mobile devices

79% of large advertisers do not have a mobile optimized site.

Mobile web use increases greatly on weekends as desktop web use decreases.

What does all of this tell us? It’s time to get serious about creating mobile strategies and thanks to a recent webinar from Google, we have some great tips on how to do just that. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the time to hesitate has passed. Check out some of these statistics…

According to eMarketer, mobile transactions will total nearly $1 trillion by 2014. WOW.

Mobile is Local and 33% of mobile searches are local.

Mobile is a Shopping Companion as 79% of smart phone users will use their phones when at a store while considering a purchase decision.

So now that you’ve seen the raw statistics. Here’s what you need to do:

Optimize Website for Mobile Use– ease of use, navigation and simplification of site is important. See our post Data-Driven Marketing Tips for Optimizing for Mobile.

Think Local – and assess how your company can use mobile to provide value. This could come in a variety of ways, from Store locator options, to using QR codes on products to allow for greater information distribution. Put yourself in the shoppers shoes, they’re racing around during their daily life and bam they need X product. How can you delivery great customer service to them in a mobile fashion? After looking up a local business on their smart phone, 61% of users called the business and 59% visited.

Leverage Mobile Features – There are so many great ways to optimize for mobile now. Features like Click to call, location extensions, site links for navigation on site, and use of display advertising can all be implemented to better engage the consumer. Consider that mobile is immediate and a shopping companion.

Create Separate Campaigns for Mobile– Organization in any ad campaign is critical, and this is certainly the case with mobile. By segmenting your adwords into a mobile only campaign you can bid more aggressively for higher rank.

Test and Iterate – Finally continue to test and optimize your strategy.

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