We’re still in the very beginning of 2012, which gives you time to take a look at your current marketing plan to see how you can incorporate mobile technology. Mobile technology isn’t limited to smartphones anymore; people are using tablets, iPads, Kindles, and more to access mobile sites and apps on a daily basis.

Since every business owner is going to have a different budget, the key is finding the mobile marketing techniques that you can afford and that will fit the needs of your target audience.

A mobile site is a smart investment for any business owner. Don’t lose out on new customers or risk irritating current customers by thinking your main website is enough. Websites that aren’t optimized for mobile use aren’t worth the time or the hassle to try to navigate. Conversely, a site that has been optimized for mobile use will be quick to load, easy to navigate, and user friendly. Get the sale, keep the customer, and increase your profit by having a mobile site developed for your business.

M-commerce should also be an important part of a mobile marketing strategy.  If you have products or services that can be purchased online,  make sure you have an m-commerce site that allows for quick browsing, easy search capabilities, and fast order processing to help boost your sales in 2012.

Other areas of mobile marketing you might want to explore are mobile apps, mobile barcodes, and mobile ads. Having a mobile app developed for your company can be very expensive, but it can also pay off in the form of more customers and profit as well as increased brand recognition and loyalty. If a mobile app isn’t within your budget, why not try mobile ads? Or highlight an upcoming special with a custom QR code, which is an affordable way to drive traffic to your mobile site.

Says Bryan Laurienti, co-owner of BBB Systems, “There are many ways businesses of all sizes can take advantage of mobile technology. Figure out what the needs of your target audience are and apply the mobile marketing techniques that would meet them best.”