Retaining your customers is every bit as important as getting them in the first place (especially SaaS ones), but it’s quite a challenge when brand loyalty is almost zero on the web, the range of competitors is endless, and sales or discounts are as tempting as ever. However, it’s not the end of the world as you can still get ahead of your competitors by building a thoughtful mobile app and distributing your content instantly.

Image Source: ComboApp, The New Age of Mobile: Insights from Casual Connect.

Mobile penetration is growing at an incredible rate all over the world, and as more and more people have access to free Wi-Fi and 3G/LTE anywhere they go, they’re increasingly shopping by browsing for products on their smartphones and tablets then paying for them right there as well. It’s an opportunity for any business to make a profit but to do that it’s crucial to extend the company’s mobile presence. The best way to start is to create a user-friendly mobile app that delivers content right to your customers with the help of push notifications.

Our offered mobile marketing strategy may seem all too obvious at first but many marketers lack a clear understanding of how much mobile apps affect building strong and long-term relationships with clients. Here’s a list of reasons why mobile apps do so much to increase customer retention, and why you’ve got to hurry up and generate your own company app:

  1. Mobile apps are used longer than mobile websites, according to a recent Adobe Digital Marketing Report. Mobile app users have stronger brand loyalty than mobile website users—and they’re never accidental visitors. They already know your brand and feel they have some kind of relationship with your company.
  2. Whereas mobile websites are mostly used to check immediate information—locations, phone numbers, dates, etc.—mobile apps are preferred for longer activities—content consumption, product selection, checking on deals, etc. This gives more opportunities to deliver your message and stabilize your relationships with your customers.
  3. Because app users already look favorably on brands, you’re working with a really dedicated audience when it comes to mobile app marketing, so you have the power to turn them into brand advocates and evangelists.

So how do you use mobile apps for customer retention growth? It’s easy.

Start with awesome content. Your app should offer something exquisite that satisfies customers’ specific needs and can’t be found anywhere else (such as on your website). For instance, you could extend the categories of content you offer in your mobile app—it will be your way of keeping your customers’ attention and rewarding their loyalty. Or you could introduce limited offers for app users, making them feel unique and encouraging them to come back!

Image Source: Ubeflip Blog, Content Marketing For Customer Retention: How We Work To Reduce Churn

Distribute your marketing messages instantly. Thanks to mobile apps you can now have a really close relationship and personalized dialog with your customers. Reaching customers instantly, in real time is essential when it comes to updating them about special deals, latest news, and even product launches. And now your brand can locate customers geographically, adding an extra dimension to the service you can offer. It makes promotion campaigns unbelievably contextual and, as a result, very successful.

Think about what information really adds value to your customers and they will respond with trust, loyalty, and recommendations on social media—and through your mobile app.

Give rewards to your loyal customers. Returning app users are your happy clients, so don’t forget to show your gratitude. A mobile app is user-centric, a completely new blend of the emotional and the practical for your customers. In-app loyalty programs can encourage customers to perform desired actions in order to receive bonuses, discounts, coupons or special offers.

And if you build a stable mobile payment system with a good transaction history record, your customers will love its accessibility and easy usage. You can even add bonus points for each purchase if growing sales is your initial goal.

Spread the word about your special deals. A mobile app is an excellent way to distribute coupons or discounts to your most loyal customers. You can do this with an exclusive promo code, with a QR code or even with a discount coupon you can integrate with another mobile app (such as Passbook). The immediacy of your message delivery intensifies the effect and encourages your customers to boost your sales!

As you see, mobile apps offer a win–win scenario that can’t be ignored—intimacy, immediacy and the deeper engagement level that’s possible with great content all make mobile apps an irresistible marketing opportunity.

Happy customers build long-lasting relationships with the brand and they tell all their friends. Share your ideas in comments!