It’s bad when marketers don’t optimize their emails for mobile reading. But in today’s world, most marketers know that it’s something they need to pay attention to. It just might be taking them a while to get around to it.

What you may not be fully grasping yet is the impact of your emails’ calls to actions on the reader experience.

Picture this: You spend time and money creating mobile optimized emails that are easy to receive and view on all mobile devices. You send out an email announcing a new special with links to products on sale that week. But the website is not optimized for mobile viewing.

Oops! You only focused on one side of the equation. And if it’s important enough for you to optimize your emails for mobile viewing, than you know people are reading your emails on their phones. So in order to take advantage of that traffic, your website (or at least those pages where the reader will be lead) need to also be optimized appropriately.

There’s so much for marketers to worry about today that I’m not surprised when this one falls through the cracks. But if you want to fully maximize the effectiveness of your emails, you won’t let this one drag on much longer.

Mobile traffic is up. Time to react.