What should You Prefer for Developing Business Websites- EmberJS or AngularJS?

A robust website and seamlessly performing web apps can ensure the success of your business in the online world. As technology advances, we come across different frameworks with some excellent features and functionality to develop customized web solutions. However, it is not easy to select the right framework that can effectively meet the requirements of modern business.

Here we give the comparison of two prominent JavaScript-based frameworks- EmberJS and AngularJS to make the selection process easier for you. However, it is better to consult an EmberJS or AngularJS development company to know more about these platforms and choose the most suitable framework in line with business needs.

Let’s compare Ember.js and AngularJS now and start with the introduction of Ember.js.

Ember.js Introduction

It is a JavaScript-based front-end framework that follows the Model-view-ViewModel (MVVM) pattern. Ember.js is used for developing websites with rich user experience and complex user interactions. Initially, it was used to develop web apps only. A few of the noteworthy examples of Ember.js web development are LinkedIn and Apple Music.

Ember.js is becoming a preferred choice for startups because it has a speed delivering feature that enables the startups to come up with the best web solutions.

AngularJS Introduction

AngularJS is a typescript-based open source framework, which is developed by Angular team at Google. AngularJS is known for developing single page applications. Also, it is easy to build dynamic web apps and Rich Internet Applications (RIA) with this robust platform. AngularJS supports MVC (Model View Controller) and MVVM (Model View ViewModel) architecture for simplifying the front-end development operations. PayPal, Upwork, and Netflix are some noteworthy examples of AngularJS apps.

The biggest benefit of AngularJS is Google supports this platform and it keeps it updated to meet diverse business and web requirements.

Before moving to the difference between Ember.js and AngularJS, let’s go through their major business benefits.

Key Benefits of Ember.js

  • It helps developers focus on the app-specific code
  • It is easy-to-use language with less code
  • Ember.js apps are easy to maintain and customize
  • Less coding saves a lot of efforts and time
  • It can make reusable and maintainable JS web apps with HTML and CSS

Top Benefits of AngularJS

  • It can make easily maintainable single page application
  • It gives responsive experience by providing data binding capability to HTML
  • It offers reusable components
  • It provides more functionality in less code
  • All AngularJS apps can run on all major browsers and smart devices including Android phones, tablets, iPhones, and iPads

Major Differences between Ember.js and AngularJS


Ember.js depends on Handlebars and JQuery whereas there are no dependencies for AngularJS. What’s more, AngularJS is robust enough to handle the web app’s functionality.

Data Binding Ability

Both Ember.js and AngularJS fully support two-way binding. AngularJS also supports one-way data binding, which means that the data can be bound from Model to View. ‘ng-bind’ command is used to achieve one-way data binding.

In other words, AngularJS has better data binding ability than Ember.js. AngularJS development services can be used to make a feature-rich and cross-platform web application through this functionality.

Routing Feature

Routing is a bit more complex in Ember.js as compared to AngularJS. Overall, Ember.js is difficult to master for developers and they may face hiccups while developing web apps using this platform for the first time.

On the other hand, AngularJS offers simple routing. For entrepreneurs or business persons who have no idea of routing, this is what routing is- It plays a significant role in static HTML pages and complex web apps. Whenever you want to use a URL in the app, routing comes into the picture. Simply put, routing is a vital part of modern web apps.

Testing Procedures

When Ember.js was introduced, it offered poor testing support to the developers. However, the developers of Ember.js have fixed this issue, and now this platform provides good support. AngularJS, however, has been providing excellent testing support since its inception. The major reason for it is- the platform is backed by the team of a search engine giant, Google.

Also, every AngularJS update keeps on providing more support for extensive testing to ensure the app’s better performance over the period.

Reusable Components

Ember.js enables developers to write app-specific tags through components. Developers can create reusable elements with the help of components and simplify the templates.

AngularJS has more powerful components as compared to Ember.js. What’s more, AngularJS has HTML as the templating engine, and Ember.js uses handlebars. In other words, Ember.js depends on additional Handlebars and jQuery libraries to ensure a proper function, but AngulaJS does not require such elements.

AngularJS also possesses a rich library that enables developers to come up with innovative web applications. The AngularJS development services are designed to develop the next-gen single page app and also highly complex web applications. However, it is fair to mention that Ember.js seems more suitable for large-scale web solutions while AngularJS is perfect for adding components to existing applications or building smaller web apps.

If you want a robust web application with desired features, you can opt for either Ember.js or AngularJS, but if you want extensive and real-time support with rich libraries, then AngularJS should be your choice.

Wrapping Lines

Selection of the right framework for your website depends on two big factors- your project requirements and the framework’s functionality. All the frameworks have some pros and cons, and therefore, it is necessary to find the framework that best suits your requirements. Though Ember.js and AngularJS are equally strong to serve various business objectives, it is better to consult a reputed web development company.

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