Owning a house in the city is a dream we strive for day in and day out. And getting the best property deals out there is often a time-consuming, relentless effort. The property should be in an optimized location according to your daily commute and also not burn a hole in your pocket. Buying and renting space online has emerged with a lot of competitors in the last 4-5 years with many site listing portals like 99acres.com and magicbricks.com to name a few.

In this clutter of online portals, CommonFloor.com has launched an Android application on Google Play which lets you search properties for selling and buying. The application would be launched on the Apple store to be soon made available to the iPhone users.

commonfloor android app

The application welcomes you with the End User agreement which is detailed and you can proceed by clicking on ‘Accept’ after reading the agreement in detail. The application allows you to search for nearby properties without you having to create a user account on the application. The application picks up the current city for you or you can manually select one out of the options, if it cannot do so for some reason. You can also drilldown to a specific location (Navi Mumbai in my case) within the city if you have set eyes on a specific targeted area. ‘Buying’ or ‘renting’ a place is categorized for the application users with filters for easier usability – 1) Search by House Type, 2) Search by Requirements 3) Budget Range, and 4) Built Up Area Range.

Commonfloor dashboard

Prominent features of the app

1. Search: The application provides an easy sorting of the results with different parameters for the user to play with which can come in handy for a price sensitive audience. You can check out the results in a list or Map View along with the Augmented view where you can scan any property from the application’s camera mode and browse through the properties within 2.5 km radius.

Commonfloor mapview

Clicking on the property listing gives you more information around the same including the amenities coming along with the property.The augmented feature works fine when tested via the Sony Xperia phone and was able to list out the properties within the 2.5 km radius when tested in the Bangalore region.

Common Floor Augmented Reality

You can shortlist the specified property along with sharing it with anyone else via an email client or directly contacting the owner of the property. When you are looking at any property near the city, much consultation goes around with your relatives and friends when you are trying to shortlist a plot. The application could have leveraged the social sharing to do this for their users. A Facebook sharing plugin could have been integrated within the application which could have helped for the application to gain traction.

2. Alerts: Alerts help you post your requirement for a property which you can schedule by providing you email and mobile number along with your name to get relevant deals right on your mobile when you have set up the correct requirements and budget constraints for your dream house.

For posting a property or accessing your own dashboard however, you would have to create an account within the application which you can do with your Facebook, Gmail or Yahoo accounts.

3. My Dashboard: The My Dashboard feature lets you post a property where you can list down all your property details along with its location which can help buyers locate your property via Google Maps. The verification policy is through the mobile number you submit which is a necessary step to control spam on the application.

You can post your own requirements and get alerts of sale of the specific properties within your range.

How good is the application?

Being a property listing application, the app does a good job of doing what it is intended to do for its consumers. There were no hiccups as far as processing was concerned. With the coming time, when we see a bulk of properties being listed on the application, the application might come in handy for people in the metros who are always on the lookout for a bigger and better home.

Looking for a property in India is not just about the best deals but also about the trust factor with the dealers and owners. Where there is money involved and loads of it, the mindset of the consumers is always about surety first. And how this application can make that happen remains to be seen. But nevertheless it is a good step forward for them.

Have you given a swing to CommonFloor? Do let us know what you feel about it in the comments.

With inputs from Malhar Barai (@MalharBarai)