This week on the Magnet Minute, Amy digs a little deeper into the newly released Facebook Paper app.

The app is visually friendly. Users can easily scroll through their own Facebook feeds with fewer distractions (meaning fewer ads and sidebars and you’re really able to focus on the content that you’re interested in coming from your friends, family and favorite brands).

Through Paper, Facebook is not only curating your usual newsfeed, but also wants you to discover additional content – about things you’ve selected as interesting to you. By choosing topics you want news about, the app then allows you to scroll through each to see the top news. Users have the ability to interact with these curated updates as they would any other Facebook update.

There’s been a lot of talk about Facebook’s ‘Top News’ approach, or its decision and strategy to show you updates outside chronological order. It appears that the Paper app is no different, as time stamps reflect that same non-chronological stream of information.

As if you were on the main Facebook platform, your usual update options are available, including the ability to “like”, comment and share to your personal profile for the rest of your network to view.

Paper makes photo-viewing easy and seamless, no matter the size and no matter how the photo was taken. Instead of having to switch to landscape mode to view wide shots, Paper allows you to slightly tilt your phone from side to side, so you can see the full scope of the given photo without even having to change from portrait to landscape or vice versa (see 1:35 of the video for a visual example!).

When you push down the newsfeed, you’ll see a hidden menu with other options – to view your own profile, create a new post, edit sections of interest, and change your settings – a section that allows you ways to customize the app platform. Thee you can turn off the photo-tilt feature described above, and/or you can align your favorite “read it later” platform in case you see an article you want to check out at later time.

All in all, the app provides an interesting platform on which users can check out curated content through Facebook. It’s a move Facebook in its continual effort to better the user experience.

What do you think of Facebook Paper? Share with us in the comments!