This holiday season has taking our number of social engagements to a whole new level. This past weekend, we had four different destinations on the schedule, and luckily I had my trusty iPhone in hand to navigate us from one locale to the other. Long gone (and not a moment too soon) are the days where we unfold and puzzle over a real map, or even print directions out from a website. While I was taken aback by the UI of the new, recently released Google Maps app, I figured it out quickly and found it super easy. And looking at the December 15th installment of the Wall Street Journal Sentiment Tracker, I’m not the only one who’s thrilled to see Google Maps. 52% of Facebook and Twitter users were happy to see Google Maps back, while 44% complained about the Apple Maps app. Another 3% cracked jokes and only 1% criticized the Google app. Check out some of the jokes below:

RT @levie: Google Maps for iPhone is now live. This must be how people felt when maps started getting the oceans right in the 1500′s.

RT @WillRamirez: Now that google maps is on iOS again. The maps app can join stocks, and weather in my “Useless apps”” folder on my iPhone.

RT @drewber: Whoa. The google maps app is like an ex that lost 30 lbs and now you feel like an idiot for breaking up with it.

Are you thrilled Google Maps is back? Let me know – and safe navigating to your holiday parties!