Some corporate mobile strategies may stall due to tension in the C-suite over conflicting business motivations, according to a new study sponsored by German software solutions firm Netbiscuits. Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) believe Chief Information Officers (CIOs) should take a backseat in mobile web strategy, the survey of C-level executives in the United States and United Kingdom finds.

According to the survey, CMOs want complete control over their company’s mobile web strategy because it would allow them to track performance indicators compiled by customer experiences. They believe mobile is another channel for customers to engage with the brand online and improve customer service.

CIOs were found to be more interested in the process standardization and technology experience of mobile strategy and believe the strategy should focus on bottom line revenue improvement from increasing sales via mobile platforms. Nearly a third of CIOs believe that mobile web strategy should be shared, but only 9 percent of CMOs believe dual ownership is desirable.

“Mobile Web strategy must be based on clear, common business objectives with targets defined in both the CIO and CMO areas,” Daniel Weisbeck, CMO and COO of Netbiscuits, said in a statement. “The real battle to watch therefore is not between the CIO and the CMO, but whether a joint CMO-CIO approach or a dedicated-function approach provides the best mechanism to align customer-experience objectives with the technical challenges of delivering these goals. A successful combination of their approaches and motivations provides the real basis for an extremely strong mobile strategy.”

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