The demand for mobile applications across all the industries has gone through the roof over the past few years. In the age of digitization, mobile apps have become more of a necessity for businesses across the globe. As businesses are becoming increasingly dependent and reliant on mobile apps, it is obvious that the competition would try to edge each other out using innovative mobile app technologies.

One such technology is Chatbots, which has made the waves and established its dominance as an important feature to have in a mobile app. Not only do chatbots make the user experience seamless for the consumers, but also increase the operational efficiency of businesses who are running the app.

Equipped with the power of AI and machine learning, chatbots have evolved over time and are now one of the most important technologies in existence for eCommerce and mobile applications. As chatbots continue to evolve and transform themselves based on how they are leveraged, businesses must acknowledge why they are imperative in making a mobile app user experience superior.

This is only possible through the implementation of innovative AI into chatbots, which regularly fetches and filters data for businesses and generates insightful reports that can contextualize strategies and operations.

Gartner reports that over 25% of digital employees will be using bots and virtual assistants for communication. Let us explore why Ai-based chatbots are revolutionizing the mobile app industry.


A recent survey showed that over 70% of millennials and Gen Z aged between 16-34 were willing to purchase the consumer goods available on mobile apps through or with the assistance of chatbots.

The young generation has shown a keen interest in communication with chatbots for any queries or guidance on websites and apps. This has urged businesses all around the world to embrace the power of AI-powered chatbots, that can navigate basic conversations with the users, and guide them through with their activities or queries. Staying relevant and up to date with today’s audience has become the key determiner for the growth of businesses, and chatbots have prominently acted as a catalyst to this reaction.

Here are a few reasons why chatbots are necessary to be implemented into apps by a mobile app development company:

Superlative User Experience: AI-based chatbots are very efficient in resolving basic customer queries and guiding customers through various parts of the mobile app. With the help of machine learning and AI, chatbots are optimally able to understand the customer needs and offer them with various options available on mobile apps. This prompts the users to explore further, with a seamless user experience that urges them to engage with the mobile app more often.

Enhanced and Personalized User Journey: User interests and user personas can be easily found with the help of AI-based technologies, and implemented on chatbots, it can do wonders for a mobile app. Predicting user preference, suggesting them various options, and delivering on their requests seamlessly has all become possible through chatbots. This is precisely why mobile app developers ensure that AI is as embedded in chatbots as possible.

Healthy Onboarding for Users: A considerable number of users usually do not return to using an app after their first time of using it. Studies have shown that the primary reason for this might be users not having a seamless onboarding experience, in which they might be confused by how to use the app. This aspect can be eliminated with smart AI chatbots that can offer the user a narrative during their onboarding, which can help the users in properly understanding the features of the mobile app. This leaves no room for the users to get confused, and they can seamlessly enjoy using the app.


Cost-Effective: Chatbots can act as a personal assistant to the users, resolving their queries and guiding them through various processes. They are very cost-effective in building and eliminate any additional costs that might go into hiring more people for customer support.

App Marketing: Chatbots are very efficient in providing businesses with live data about their consumer base. Identifying all types of demographics using the app in real-time can help businesses in creating the most robust and successful marketing strategies, which can further elevate their user base.

Lower Number of Apps: There are many apps that can be found in any smartphone device installed at once, collecting dust. Chatbots can reduce the reliability of users on these unnecessary apps which primarily just collect information. Chatbots can act as a bridge between businesses and users, integrated into apps, for multiple purposes, thus reducing the number of apps in your mobile device and optimizing it.


Chatbots have become a necessity in today’s age for mobile apps. If a mobile app does not have a chatbot, it should at least have the compatibility of being linked to chatbots. Innovative AI-based chatbots are defining how well an app development company services its businesses and offers apps that are on par with others in the domain. The limits of innovation for chatbots are only defined by how far app developers are willing to go, and this will play a key role in determining the future of mobile apps.