Visual or Image sharing apps are still holding the focus of users. While Instagram has been one of the favourites to be later acquired by Facebook, Snapchat has given a new dimension to the imagination of the youth. The app that allows you to share images with your friends in a fun way also Candidly_app_login allows you to let it disappear from the stream in the same time.

Candidly is one such app that shares Snapchat’s feature of disappearing the image after 10 seconds along with some more exciting features. Founded by serial entrepreneur Vinay Bharathwaj, the app was recently in the news for raising angel funding from four investors. However, there has been no further information on the funding side.

The founder who previously co-founded Confluenze Technologies, Mindspaze Educational Solutions, iBrahma Creations and IEF Solutions, is planning to open up office in the Silicon Valley while having a presence in Chennai and Bangalore. Having giving a miss to Snapchat earlier, I couldn’t miss out Candidly without trying it.

How does the app work?

The Android app, which is still in its beta phase, supports only a Facebook login. Once the authentication was done, the app directly landed me to a screen ready to take a picture and make it funny. It took me time to understand how it works but the job of the app is to take images or small videos, edit them, make them funny and share with your friends. Above all you can set permission to make them disappear too after 10 minutes of your friend giving it a look.

Once you have taken a picture, the app now allows you to do quite a few things. One you can add a text to the image and do some doodling with the images too to make it more funny. The app provides a color selector so you can select which ever shade you want. Besides this the app allows you to add a voice message of 10 seconds too. Once you are satisfied you can share with your Candidly friends or even share on social networks. The below image is one that I came up with while using the app and it isn’t that candid!


How cool is the app?

At the moment it does the job of taking images and applying cool doodling to it. Adding a voice message is the interesting bit which might be liked by the users. However the app does have some lags and I was not able to perform the video functionality on Candidly.

Adding existing images from the drive to the app could be a great add-on feature. Besides, having some great fonts for the text and ability to change the colors of the doodled images could be an added advantage. Right now the app gives a choice to set the color only at the beginning. One can’t change the color if they wish at a later time.

Interesting app and with 8000 downloads the app is picking up really well. Do give it a try and let me know if you are excited by the interesting and simplistic features of Candidly.