SMBs and Mobile MarketingBig brands in 2013 have learned the power and potential of mobile, but what about SMBs?  David Yuan, of Technology Crossover Ventures stated, “If Google Adwords is the bar on easy to use, mobile has a long way to go. Numerous infrastructure and standardization advancements will be required to make it easier for an average marketer.”  This is spot on for SMBs when it comes to considering mobile marketing solutions.  Let’s look at what can make things easier for an average marketer.

Mobile marketing solutions must be Mean – Easy, fast.

It is more than just creating an easy-to-use tool for SMBs. It is about addressing the education barrier of understanding the space through logical, standardized and easy steps. Small business owners need to position their business in their customers’ minds often and when relevant.  This leads to merchants having to interact or use services to continually get their message out.  Resources and time is scarce due to the fact that SMB owners wear multiple hats, from Chief Executive Officer, Chief Pizza Officer, Marketer, Accountant, HR, etc.  At times it can be difficult to keep your finger on the pulse of tools that can help to attract customers or make them aware of great offers and events taking place at your business.  Most merchants will likely use the marketing solutions that are cost effective, fast and easy.

Mobile marketing solutions must be Lean?

The one thing SMBs and big brands have in common is their mutual concern of budget.  Every day dollars are tight for a merchant and if they need to continuously generate awareness then low cost and simple implementation is imperative. Merchants alike seek affordable and easy avenues to attract new customers and keep the line of communication open with potential new or existing customers. These option ranges in pricing and timing making it difficult sometimes to get a message out to their consumers when money is tight.  Merchants should focus on reaching the maximum amount of potential local customers at the most affordable means.  An “always on” solution is key for SMB’s since they don’t have the luxury of long-term marketing plans. There have been numerous times when a SMB owner has walked up to their storefront to open for the day and pass some local event or activity they were not aware of.  What is one to do that is affordable and simple? That restaurant near the farmers market has a huge opportunity of informing that audience to “stop in for a farm fresh breakfast after the market”.  It is these types of scenarios and solutions must address so that a merchant can react to in order to create local awareness. Remember the name of the game is to position your business in your customers’ minds and doing it when they are near your business only enhances that message.

Mobile marketing solutions are Green.

With mobile, you can reduce waste associated with alternative advertising methods.  Lets be honest, when you walk down the street and someone hands you a flyer, they are really asking you to throw it away for them.  Never the less these traditional methods are still being used and are somewhat effective. But with mobile, you can still market at the street level without adding to the landfill at the city dump. As one twenty-something said to me, “Why would I take a piece of paper handed to me? You know I am just going to toss it.”  As marketers, we need to consider the ways in which we market to a generation that was born green. By utilizing green methods for communicating, you are more likely to engage with them.

Bottom line

Mobile will usher in a new way of thinking for merchants when it comes to reaching the consumer on –the-go.  There are many options out there ranging from simple to advanced.  When starting out in the mobile ecosystem try lean mean green machines to drive awareness across mobile devices. Furthermore, look for options that are easy to implement and contain a low-risk, low cost to get started. A well running machine can eliminate unnecessary waste and expand your reach to motivate potential customers to take action.