Personally, I don’t love watching video on my iPhone, though watching on the iPad is a different story. However, I certainly do watch a lot more video on my iPhone these days than I did just last year. If you’re a Cablevision subscriber, and are increasingly finding yourself watching more television and movies on your iPhone,  you’ll be happy to hear about the company’s new Optimum App option.

The release of this functionality comes only two months after Viacom filed a lawsuit against Cablevision for making their shows available via the Cablevision Optimum for iPad app.

According to the Wall Street Journal, in today’s announcement about the Optimum App, Cablevision is standing their ground stating, “Cablevision has the right to distribute programming over its cable system to in-home iPhones, iPods, iPads and other devices functioning as televisions under its existing distribution agreements with programming providers.”

Unfortunately, the option is limited to home viewing over a Wifi network, so watching the newest episode of Louis CK or Breaking Bad at the airport (my favorite place to catch up on favorite shows and Angry Birds) isn’t possible. Yet.

If you’ve tried the app, go ahead and give us your thoughts below.