Mobile for business is not a new concept, we have been talking about the important of mobile marketing and mobile websites for a while now. What is somewhat distinguishing is the statistics showing that mobile usage is continuously increasing. With its dominance only getting stronger, there are certain things your business needs to familiarise with if it’s going to stay ahead of the game. This article will discuss the big mobile trends in 2015.

Mobile Payments

While mobile payments has been a concept floating around for a while, it is now starting to be picked up by the public. Apple Pay and Google Wallet are the most common systems used by customers to pay for goods. While this motion hasn’t completely taken off yet, it is becoming increasingly popular and it’s only a matter of time until everyone is clued up on mobile payments. Brands should take action to get ahead of the competitors by looking at incorporating this into their online checkouts/apps and purchasing new readers for their stores. Apple are the giants driving this technology, the iPhone 6 models came with this already built in. As later models are introduced you can be assured Apple will continue to promote mobile payments. Businesses need to head ahead of the game and start looking into this trend.

Google backs mobile

Google has been stressing the importance of mobile-friendly websites for a while now. In April 2015 Google began rolling out their mobile friendly update which rewards websites that are easy to navigate on mobile with higher search engine rankings. With statistics showing users searching more on mobile every day it is important to ensure your website meets the standards for mobile. Not only will you will be rewarded by better rankings on mobile devices, but customers are more likely to stay on site and convert because your interface is clear and easy to use for them.


Apps are becoming increasingly popular marketing devices for businesses. Not only does it provide an opportunity for businesses to monopolise the customer’s attention, they are less likely to click on ads or search for other sites, it gives you increased opportunity for brand promotion. Businesses need to contemplate whether apps could make a difference for their business because that’s what your competitors are doing.


Geo-fencing is another marketing technique your business needs to be familiar with in 2015. Location-based services position where your audience is at. When in the proximity of your business, you can send alerts and offers to drive people into your store. This is a very efficient way of using mobile to market your business. Use global positioning to find out when prospective customers are within a narrow radius and tempt them to take a few steps further with discounts and rewards. It is also a great opportunity to steer people away from your competitors.