Mobile UX

Image Source: feathersoft

For businesses and app publishers of the world, creating an app that defines their business is hard enough. Creating a great app that provides the ultimate mobile user experience (UX) can be quite a challenge. This ultimate user experience includes everything from creating an engaging UI design that facilitates meaningful interaction to increasing the probability that your app will be their app of choice to accomplish specific tasks.

The challenges of building a great app are too many to go over in a single post, but you shouldn’t feel discouraged. I hope by the end of this post that you will take away insight that will empower you on your path to creating a killer app.

Before you start developing your app, you should identify your target audience and define your mission. What do you want your users to get out of your app? By identifying your target audience, you can gain insight into not only how to go about creating your app and what functionality it should include, but also how you can gain knowledge as far as how your app is designed regarding specific elements such as what color scheme to use in your design. For instance, if your target audience is the Chinese market, you might want to consider using a certain shade of red used in many Chinese apps, in your app’s design.

Below I will go over a few best practices that will help you create an amazing mobile user experience.

Create an Awesome Onboarding Experience

You’ve had a few thousand users download your app in the first week post launch. Now what? You’d like to have them as return users, eh? You didn’t do all that app marketing work for nothing. That’s why you need to create a great onboarding experience. It is the experience users first have after downloading your app and using it for the first time. It is time to get creative. If your app monetization strategy is on the freemium model, paying more for extra functionality, then offer users a free trial for a full blown version for 30 days. You can also get them to share it with five of their Facebook friends for a full blown version. It really is a place to get creative.

Focus on Clarity

With the wide variety of devices out there, display sizes have posed a challenge to developers and designers. Your focus should hone in on the delivery of messages, so it leaves no doubt as to its interpretation. Use powerful cues that are visual in nature to inspire and engage your users to interact with your content.

When you prompt a user to click on a call to action for example, you must clearly communicate this, so it is understood by the user immediately. Showing a group of images and giving the user no hint as to how to scroll through them is a mistake. Including a small arrow in exactly the right spot will communicate to your users what they need to do.

Prepare your App for Interruptions

In today’s mobile world, especially regarding apps focusing on busy people such as businessmen or single moms, it can prove to be quite a challenge because of all the interruptions. You should design your app to make it easier for the user to pick up where they left off. Say, you have an app that provides businessmen with the best place to go for power lunches. The user starts out checking your app for nearby places when they are interrupted by a call. Perhaps you should send them a pop up message after the call to continue where they left off, even offering them a place to go based on their location.

Monitor the Use of your App

Monitoring how users use your app via mobile visual analytics is imperative in the context of optimizing your app and creating a great overall mobile user experience.

The key features of a mobile analytics tool will empower you to realize the why behind user actions.

Touch Heatmaps, User Recordings and Visual reporting are the features enabling you to do this. What’s more, this must be done from day one, right at the beginning of the onboarding process.

Hope these best practices will inspire you to use creative ways to implement them into your own app development process. Please feel free to comment below on what has worked for you.