How to Do Business Development With Your iPhone (and Cloze)If you’re doing business development for your company, you know how precious time can be, and how fast time slips away.

If you’re like me, you get calendar notifications, email notifications, notices from your CRM and even on LinkedIn. Getting to all those reminders and notifications is important since they usually involve staying in touch with people that are meaningful to your business.

If relationships are important in your line of work, I’ve found a new productivity app that I really enjoy, and would like to recommend it to you.

It’s called Cloze (@cloze) and I’ve been using this for about three weeks now to manage my contacts. It’s billed as a “Smarter Relationship Management” app. That it is.

What attracted me to this app is that it will remind me to reach out to contacts based on past contact frequency.

You don’t even have to set reminders to follow up with contacts. Cloze will look at your contacts history based on phone records and emails and recommend when you should touch base with your contacts.

Last week I reached out to an old contact by email after Cloze told me it was time, and when I did I found out about a new piece of business.

Cloze uses several data sources to help me stay in touch with my contacts. It even finds and fetches information to complete my contacts’ profiles, including phone numbers, email addresses, social media profiles that I may not have been aware of. Having complete profiles for all of my contacts will come in handy when I’m on the road and need to get in touch with people quickly.

What about you?

You might find Cloze handy if…

  • Strengthening relationships with your contacts is important to you
  • You are in sales and want to be reminded to keep in touch with specific people on a regular basis
  • You add contacts to your email or contact management system but don’t complete their contact record

For more technical or adventuresome users of the app, it has an API. I can imagine that this would be helpful to connect it to your company’s CRM via Zapier.

If you’re interested in giving it a try, Cloze is available on the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Have any other favorite apps for staying in touch with your contacts? Share them in the comments below.

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