Bravo Review – Get user-generated videos for your social media campaigns

Viral marketing is hard, and getting feedback from excited users can be even more difficult. Add this in with the demands of every social media campaign manager, and it can quickly become nearly impossible to keep up with a video campaign. Not only are they difficult to track, but they’re a statistical nightmare that combines Google’s Analytics tools with four or five other different sites before even breaking a sweat.

Enter Bravo, an application that attempts to combine both video recording and easy-to-use stats for user-generated video campaigns. In this Bravo review, we’ll take a look at this innovative platform and see what makes it unique, simple, and powerful.

Bravo Review – About the Company

Bravo is a web-based app that allows businesses to easily capture videos from customers, users, and fans for use in social media campaigns. Of course, businesses can use it for any anything else too — Bravo suggests video testimonials and video contests — but in the hands of a social media team, Bravo’s potential is nearly limitless.

Like all the best web apps, Bravo was born out of need. A web agency started building Bravo when their clients needed user-generated videos, and other tools simply weren’t available. This was in 2010, when Youtube was clearly beginning to dominate web video, but it hadn’t made a stake in the enterprise market.

The private version of Bravo was launched in 2011, and after nearly two years, hundreds of support tickets, and dozens of feature requests, the company recently released a new, public version of the interface called Bravo 2.0. The interface isn’t just a visual overhaul, but it also scales to smartphone and tablet screen sizes and resolutions with ease. Not only that, but the team managed to find time to include a new favorite feature: the ability to launch more than one user-generated video campaign from within the same account. This makes it easier than ever for companies to prioritize their social needs.

Main Functionality of Bravo

Bravo is the easiest way to create user-generated video campaigns on the web. Using one simple website, it’s easy to create multiple video campaigns within one account. This allows you to get more varied across different target markets for the same company.

It’s also easy to set up the actual video recording, which is important. With Bravo, it’s as easy to use as the built-in Microsite or copying the embed code for a widget. There’s no fuss and no need to code anything yourself.

It’s worth mentioning the Analyze tool as well. This offers Total Impressions, Video Submissions, Conversion Rate, and Total Video View stats, as well as comparing your recorder impressions and submissions. It’s not as comprehensive as Google Analytics or even Squarespace, though, which is a bit disappointing. Beefing up the stats so that they include additional information about who’s watching your videos would make it even more powerful (although that may add an additional privacy concern for certain users).

Benefits of Using Bravo

Largely, the features and benefits of Bravo go hand in hand, but what makes it a compelling service compared to much of the competition is the ease of use factor. Instead of struggling with a difficult toolbar or a strange series of menus, Bravo has made this as simple as possible.

Beyond that, you’re also benefitting from a team that isn’t venture capital-funded. Bravo has a clear bottom line and charges you a straightforward monthly fee to use their web service, which I think is a tremendous benefit in the day and age where services you love disappear overnight.

Overall, Bravo has respect for their customers — they know the CMO or Marketing Assistants they’ve built the tool for, and they’ve strived to make it as transparent and simple as possible. Bravo greatly benefits from a simple and honest interface that’s a joy to use.

The Basics: What Does It Look Like

Bravo actually looks a lot like Squarespace. There’s a menu bar on the left that makes it easy to access any part of the Bravo website, and it’s broken down into your Dashboard, Campaigns, Users, Account, and the Support Center.

Access to your campaigns

What makes the site so easy to use is the unified design language between tabs: each area looks a little bit different, but there’s never any doubt about where you are. Everything is easy to navigate because it’s very clear: large icons, easy-to-read typography, and simple to setup.


The WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) tool for creating or editing a campaign is also incredibly easy to use and understand, meaning that not only is it near impossible to get lost in the site, but it’s easy to navigate and create your social video platform.


(Note: Bravo supplied these screenshots for me so I could show you some images of what it looks like when you have a large campaign in action. I have used the service extensively and can vouch for the screenshots’ accuracy.)

Support Information

Again, not unlike Squarespace, Bravo’s Support Center tab takes you directly to a knowledge base with tons of questions that Bravo has used as tutorials. Some of the questions are user-created, and others are simply feature requests.

Speaking of feature requests, you can suggest a feature without even delving into the knowledge base. If that’s not enough for you, or your features goes unnoticed, you can also create an email ticket. Bravo impressively strives to respond within an hour. In my experiences, I never felt I had to wait long before hearing back from a member of their customer support team.

Pricing Information

Bravo has multiple pricing tiers for their users, with a Free option available going all the way up to $399/month. The free tier gets you one user with one campaign and one video a month, while the Plus account (which Bravo recommends and provides as a trial), costs $199/month and allows you 5 users, 5 campaigns, 50 videos per month, a widget for recording video, a video contest widget, and advanced video analytics. If you find that their price tiers don’t cover your needs (maybe you run a large multi-national corporation) you can email them to learn more about their Enterprise solutions. I think the pricing is fair, and more importantly, easy to understand.

Bravo Review – The Bottom Line

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Bravo to anybody looking for a way to get user-generated videos for their social media campaigns. If I had to be picky, the one area of concern I have is that the app’s analytics tool doesn’t offer enough detail or depth for my liking. That being said, that’s an area where all tools for audio or video currently suffer. It would be great to see Bravo innovate here, since the territory is ripe, but beyond that, I can’t find any flaws.

Bravo is a well-designed, cohesive service that will likely make any marketing team’s job easier, particularly with its latest features in Bravo 2.0, and I think it’s worth every penny.

Ratings: ease of use 5/5, features 4/5, value 5/5