In our earlier review of the solution, we had taken a comprehensive look at BPMonline – a CRM and BPM solution. We analyzed its features, interface, and provided interesting details. This week, let’s revisit the solution to see what has changed.

In this BPMonline review, we will focus on its redesigned interface and see how it can help you generate sales leads and manage your customer relationship efforts.

A New Look

To make the solution streamlined and effective, BPMonline has revamped its interface. The cornerstone of this change is outlined in a blog post on the company website. In short, the approach consists of providing a contextual, intelligent, and multi-platform solution for users. This means that you can add context-related details (such as the adding stakeholders for notifications) to a given task. You can also use the platform’s smart command line to simplify your navigation and data search and, finally, you can access the solution across a wide variety of devices.

BPMonline review

To top it all off, the company has adopted a human-centered design approach. As part of this design approach, pop-up windows have been eliminated. Instead, the new paradigm is clean straight lines and HTML5-based. BPMonline also loads faster (as compared to the previous version) to enable you to focus on the task at hand. The dynamic data upload feature enables you to quickly import data from multiple sources for use in the system.

BPMonline review

In sum, the new interface is smart, simple, intuitive, and enables you to do things faster.

A New Look Does Not Change BPMonline’s Utility

Redesigning interfaces is always a tricky affair because, in some cases, it can involve changing entire workflows and processes for a solution. In this case, however, I am happy to report that this has not happened. In other words, the solution has retained its usefulness as a business process management tool.

BPMonline review

In case you missed our previous review, BPMonline combines two components: business process management (BPM) platform and customer relationship management (CRM) functionality. Together, both enable you to gain a comprehensive customer perspective and implement it in your company. For example, the process management cycle consists of modeling, execution, and monitoring capabilities.

The customer relationship management software enables you to collect customer data from disparate sources such as email and websites and merge them with social profiles. You can, then, use this data to craft custom campaigns for each customer. In addition, the solution also offers a host of options to enable you to gather data and measure response and revenue from multiple sources.

BPMonline also works across the customer relationship management value chain. Thus, you can use it as a task management solution by scheduling activities related to the lead generation process. Using the tool, you can integrate Outlook or deploy business processes to assign tasks and resources. Furthermore, you can generate invoices or sales templates or create a well-structured e-library for materials.

Rounding off these features is BPMonline’s analytics tools, which are used to summarize activities and drill-down into real-time statistics.


Depending on the product being used, BPMonline has multiple options for pricing. For example, the CRM solution has purchase options per seat as well as based on number of active accounts – the number of licenses defines the limit of simultaneously logged in users. You can check out comprehensive pricing for their products on their website.

Is It For You?

In our earlier review, we had commended the solution. That praise is still valid today. In fact, with the improved interface and faster loading times, the solution has only become better.

Ratings: ease of use 5/5, features 5/5, value 5/5 and ease of deployment 4/5