Bizness Apps Review – A great solution for small businesses and web design shops alike needing an easy way to create and manage mobile apps

In recent years, apps have grown from a fun way to pass the time while waiting for a table at a restaurant to a multimillion-dollar industry. For some businesses, an app can be a great way to reach new customers or interact with existing customers by providing a tool that can help them.

Bizness Apps shows how easy it is to create one or several mobile apps without hiring an expensive development team. This Bizness Apps review demonstrates the app’s do-it-yourself functionality to help businesses decide if it’s a great way to deploy an app without spending a fortune.

Bizness Apps Review – About Bizness Apps

Founded in 2011, Bizness Apps is a California-based company that specializes in mobile app development solutions and DIY apps for businesses. On the surface, the company is an appmaker that lets businesses easily create their own apps. However, the company specializes in white label services for a wide variety of clients that include marketers, website designers, PR companies, and individual mobile app developers.

Currently, Bizness Apps powers almost five percent of the iTunes App Store with more than 30,000 iOS apps live and that number is growing. The company has the best-rated customer service in the industry.

Main Functionality of Bizness Apps

Whether a business needs a mobile app or a mobile website or both, Bizness Apps can help. After signing up, users pick from a variety of templates, many of which are industry specific. Once a template has been chosen, the user only needs to enter some relevant information and the app development tool does the rest. For those that want to go beyond templates, the platform allows unlimited customization options within it’s code-free builder.

Best of all, Bizness Apps users can create apps to resale to clients or consumers using Bizness Apps’ white label DIY tool. This service is particularly useful for marketing and PR firms, who are often tasked with deploying multiple mobile apps to generate publicity for clients.

Benefits of Using Bizness Apps

Bizness Apps walks users through the process of creating an app, allowing them to choose design options and features. Businesses will be able to add in such information as menus, directories of services, directions, pricing, social media feeds, and more.

The app can also be used to mobilize existing websites or implement existing website design features into the look and feel of the app. By using an app instead of a mobile website, businesses can gain greater control of the user experience, as well as add in features that are optimized for a user’s specific mobile operating system and native functionalities.

The Basics: What Does It Look Like?

From the main dashboard, the user is presented with a dashboard to allow him to get started creating an app.

Main dashboard

Clicking on the Start Here button takes the user to a screen where he can enter a website URL or start from scratch.

App building options

By clicking on Start from Scratch, the user can begin choosing his app’s features. The drop-down box under Industry shows a variety of options.

Industry selection step

I chose the Restaurant industry. This shows the many sections available to a restaurant.

Features available by type of industry

The next page shows the app tab selections that have been created. Scrolling to the next screen lets the user either publish the app or move to the next step.

App tab selections window

On the next screen, the user can begin setting up the app’s design.

Design elements window

On the next screen, the user can choose from a single-row design or a multiple-row design.

Appearance window

The user can also choose from a variety of menu styles.

Menu styles selection window

The system will then preview the completed app and allow for publishing.

Support Information

Through the Bizness Apps Help Desk, users can browse topics in the forum, post a question, or email a question to the Bizness Apps team. Phone support and online chat is also available.

Pricing Information

After a free trial, users pay $29 per month for a mobile website and $59 per month for a mobile app. For developers who want to provide white label app services to their own client base, individual pricing and bulk pricing is available.

Bizness Apps Review – The Bottom Line

Bizness Apps offers an easy DIY interface that is perfect for small businesses and resellers. The app’s interface is attractive and easy to use, making it a great solution for those who are inexperienced in mobile app development.

Ratings: ease of use 5/5, features 4/5, value 3/5